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Frank Mir: Roy Nelson Is a '205 Pound Guy With a Tire On'

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Roy Nelson's UFC 130 opponent, Frank Mir, echoed earlier sentiments that 'Big Country' should change up his diet, lose most of his fat, and drop down to light heavyweight. He talked about it on Pro MMA Radio. (Transcribed by mmamania):

I like Roy and I think that he's a very skilled fighter. He was able to land a couple punches in the fight but it really came down to the fact that his belly impedes his abilities. I think that he's a great fighter in spite of his belly and his weight, not because of it. His strength, his physical strength when we locked up, most of my training partners are light heavyweights felt stronger than him. That's why when we were against the cage, that's what really drew me in. I had my underhook. I'm like, "ok, this guy could pull my legs out underneath him and he still couldn't change levels on me." I could feel the strength that he had. He does need to go 205 and I've spoken to him and Jess, his wife, about that at one of the Expos. I know it's not easy to want to cut all that weight but I know he had talked about just changing his body composition, adding weight, getting bigger.

Well Roy, you're already 260 pounds. We weighed in the same. That means you've got to drop about 40 pounds of fat and add 40 pounds of muscle. That, to me, is a much harder task than just dropping 40 pounds of fat. Building muscle takes years to do. Even me, my muscle first that think I developed right after the Brock fight,was more water. I was more bloated, stuffing myself with protein. I didn't really feel as strong even though I was the same, even bigger than I am now. I feel stronger now just because of the consistency of the heavy lifting and now it's been two years and it's just now starting to neurologically fit in. So for Roy to want to, at 34, he's gonna be 35 this month, try to redo his whole body, I think it would be easier to go to 205. I think his half guard would come back, his takedown defense, his mobility, his footwork. I think he's quick and the power he does have I think he would retain because physically he wouldn't lose any muscle. He's a 205 pound guy with a tire on.

I tend to agree with Mir's statements here. Even if Roy doesn't totally make the cut down to light heavyweight, sticking to a diet and regimen that can make him lose most of the belly will definitely be beneficial to his athletic performance.

Mike Dolce had expressed his interest in working with Nelson earlier, and now, P.R. Cole, a registered dietitian, has also talked to 'Big Country' about wanting to help him change his diet. If he chooses either nutritionist, Roy will be in good hands, so the ball is really on his court. He just has to be diligent and disciplined enough to want to make that change, and follow the program they will set.

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