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Steve Mazzagatti is the Referee for Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber at UFC 132

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Dana White's probably not very happy about this. Steve Mazzagatti has been assigned the duty of refereeing the main event UFC bantamweight title fight between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber on July 2nd. MMAJunkie has it:

The decision was made at today's Nevada State Athletic Commission monthly meeting, which took place at Las Vegas' Grant Sawyer State Office Building and was attended by MMAJunkie.

Additionally, judges Patricia Morse-Jarman, Glenn Trowbridge and Sal D'Amato were selected as attending judges for the UFC 132 headliner, which takes place July 2 at Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena and airs on pay-per-view and Spike TV.

Dana White's tirades about Mazzagatti have been consistently bitter for the last three years. In this video from earlier this year, Dana refers to Mr. Mazzagatti with the following chaming quote:

"I have nothing personal against this guy, I don't even know him. Steve Mazzagatti is the worst referee in the history of f---ing fighting. I mean, I can't stand this guy, he's so bad. It just makes me cringe every time he steps into the octagon."

If you'd like to see the records of the three judges that have been assigned to the main event, the great website MMADecisions has a complete rundown of Patricia Morse-Jarman, Glenn Trowbridge, and Sal D'Amato.


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