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UFC on Versus 4 Results: Play by Play and Live Commentary

As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results, play by play and commentary for UFC on Versus 4. The live blog will start with the beginning of the Facebook undercard stream (6 p.m. ET), continuing through the Versus TV card (9 p.m. ET) so make sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.    

The main card was originally set to feature Nate Marquardt making his welterweight debut against Anthony Johnson. Johnson had to drop out with injuries so Rick Story stepped up to face Marquardt. Then yesterday Pennsylvania officials denied Marquardt his medical clearance to fight and the UFC immediately fired Marquardt from the promotion.

Now Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo will be the main event. Charlie Brenneman steps in to face Rick Story -- Brenneman had originally been set to face T.J. Grant on the undercard, but Grant had to pull out due to illness a few days back. John Howard vs Matt Brown (Brown is yet another substitute, Howard was originally booked to face Martin Kampmann) and Matt Mitrione vs Christian Morecraft round out the Versus card.

The Facebook card features seven fights beginning at 6 p.m. ET. Fighters on the Facebook card include Charles Oliveira, Joe Lauzon, Joe Stevenson, Manny Gamburyan and Tyson Griffin

The Versus broadcast has started, Brent Brookhouse here to guide you though the rest of the evening. First fight up shortly. The results of the Facebook prelims can be found after the jump.

Matt Mitrione vs. Christian Morecraft - Round 1 - Both men paw with jabs early and a nice left hand by Mitrione. Leg kick by Mitrione lands a little low. Mitrione lands hard finally and Morecraft briefly goes down. He's back up and trying to close distance and Mitrione lands a nice combo. Hard leg kick by Morecraft. Overhand right by Morecraft lands to the side of Mitrione's head. Now a nice left hook, right straight combo by Morecraft. Mitirone responds with a thudding combo to Morecraft's face. Morecraft gets punched in the neck, looks at the ref for a break for some reason but the ref tells him to fight on. Mitrione is landing much harder and much more regularly. Morecraft is badly hurt by a punch, he gets cracked again and tumbles to the ground, looking like he was out. He grabs Mitrione and reverses him and uses that to survive to the final horn. 10-8 Mitrione.

Round 2 - Morecraft is looking very hesitant early in the round now. Right hand lands for Morecraft. Leg kick by Mitrione. Mitrione misses with a headkick. Morecraft shoots in and gets the takedown against the cage and Mitrione immediately starts looking to get up. The fight has been on the ground for all of four seconds before the ref warns about a stand-up. Mitrione manages to get to standing and Morecraft keeps him against the cage, throwing an elbow. Big takedown now by Morecraft and he's quickly warned that it will be stood up. And now they're stood up. Leg kick by Mitrione . Right hand lands for Mitrione also. Morecraft misses with a takedown. Right hand by Mitrione again. Three punch combo by Mitrione and Morecraft is out. Matt Mitrione wins by KO (punches), round 2.

Matt Brown vs. John Howard - Round 1 - Early on Brown pushes Howard into the cage and misses a high kick on the break. Brown landing the jab but Howard cracking him with leg kicks. Brown with a head kick and tries to follow with a knee but gets put into the fence. Howard gets the takedown for a second before Brown stands up. Knee to the head a head kick and another knee by Brown. Howard falls to his back and Brown follows him down and looks to lock up a d'arce choke but lets it go as Howard drives forward. Howard with a takedown into side control. Brown stands up but Howard stays locked up against him. Brown with a nice combo to the head and body. 10-9 round for Brown on my card.

Round 2 - Leg kick by Howard. Howard now pushing Brown into the cage. Brown tries to shoot and Howard sprawls and they're back on the feet. Howard continuing to push Brown into the cage. Brown tries to lock up a standing uillotine but can't get it and now they're back to distance. Left hook lands for Brown. Brown with a knee to the body and a trip that puts Howard on his back. Brown on top now in half guard. Brown with a few punches and now Howard tries to turn for a kneebar. Howard goes for a leg again after using a kimura attempt to set it up. Brown attempts an omoplata as the round ends. 10-9 Brown

Round 3 - Leg kick by Howard. Brown tries to walk him back and trap him against the cage. Brown with a takedown against the cage. Howard spins after standing in an attempt to take Brown's back. Howard can't get the back so he turns and runs away from Brown. Brown landing a knee and a few jabs. Howard with a takedown now and Brown landing some short elbows off his back. The fight ends. 10-9 Howard. Who knows how they actually score it.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 across the board all for Matt Brown. Matt Brown wins by unanimous decision.

Rick Story vs. Charlie Brenneman - Round 1 - Brenneman tries to shoot in and Story throws him to the mat but Brenneman scrambles and gets to his feet. Story pushes him into the cage but Charlie breaks free. Brenneman pushing Story into the cage now. Story reverses it and almost gets the takedown. Right hand by Brenneman on the break. Brenneman shoots and gets the takedown but Story bounces up. Right hand by Brenneman on the break again. Nice right hand by Brenneman and he follows through into a takedown. Brenneman passes to side control but Story gets half guard back. The ref is asking for activity. Story regains guard. Brenneman working the body from the top and now with a nice shoulderbutt. Brenneman doing enough work to keep this from getting stood up. Story tries to get his legs up for an armbar and Brenneman powers his shoulder through and lands a nice right hand. Brenneman closes the round on top 10-9 Brenneman.

Round 2 - Brenneman with a nice takedown off the opening of the round. Story threatens with a choke which leads to a scramble and both men getting back to their feet. Uppercut from the clinch by Brenneman and then he gets a takedown. Brenneman landing to the body again and Story goes to rubber guard. Brenneman keeping position on top here and just grinding away with his body work and occasional shot to the head. Not a ton happening beyond Story being held down and both men getting tired. 10-9 Brenneman again. Story needs something big in round three.

Round 3 - Story trying like hell to open up with his strikes early and as he is landing it's Brenneman getting the single leg. Story moves with it and is looking to transition to an armbar. As Story is still looking for the arm the ref stands them up for not working enough. Now Story looks for the arm off another Brenneman takedown and transitions to a triangle attempt. Brenneman manages to get out and Story is on top now. Story landing punches and jumping to full mount. Brenneman ducks under and escapes and is on top with thirty seconds left. Story tries for the kimura again. The round ends and I had it 10-9 Story which means 29-28 Brenneman.

Official Scorecards: 29-28 across the board. Charlie Brenneman wins by unanimous decision. Gutsy, gutsy performance by Charlie, showing up on 1 days notice and taking out one of the top WW prospects in the game.

Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry - Round 1 - Barry throwing big overhand rights and a nice leg kick. Barry shoots in and Kongo just muscles him away. Kongo with a leg kick. They're trading a lot of leg kicks and body kicks early. Overahand right by Barry drops Kongo hard and Barry keeps following up with big shots. Kongo's legs are completely gone, he looks to be out but the ref lets it go. Two huge rights by Kongo out of nowhere and Barry is out completely! WOW! AMAZING moment for Kongo! Cheick Kongo wins by KO (punches), round 1.

Good evening, fight fans. This is your tour guide for the Facebook undercard, Dallas Winston. We are ten minutes away from showtime.

Update -- we're live.

Johnson_x_faalolato_medium Michael Johnson vs. Edward Faaloloto

R1: They touch and it's on. Jab and low kick by Faaloloto. The same combo returned by Johnson. Faaloloto blazes a wild flurry. Johnson grabs the clinch but Faaloloto circles and cracks an elbow. Takedown by Johnson, Faaloloto seeks the kimura and uses the threat to stand back up. Johnson is cut, apparently from the elbow in the clinch. Three-piece by Johnson, followed by a left kick to the body. Two strong low kicks by Faaloloto, then another. A trio of nice straight lefts from Johnson. Johnson clinches and either gets the takedown or Faaloloto pulls guard. Strong GnP from the top but Faaloloto is back up. Knees from Johnson in the Thai plum, who then arcs a forearm over the top. An uppercut by Johnson drops Faaloloto, and Johnson finishes him off with GnP.  Michael Johnson defeats Edward Faaloloto by TKO R1

Some_other_one_mediumRicardo Lamas vs. Matt Grice

Now to the featherweights. They trade leg kicks to open. Lamas counters the jab with a nice one-two that puts Grice on notice. Lamas fakes a level-change and throws an uppercut, then blocks a Grice high kick. Grice leads a punch and follows with a kick, but Lamas nails the clinch and pushes Grice to the fence. One legged punches thrown by Grice to avoid the takedown, then Lamas finishes it with Grice on the fence. A tactical stalemate ensues while Lamas tries to pass, he does, Grice looks to fence-walk. Grice swivels for an armbar and Lamas counters, but they're back standing. Capoeira-ish kick from Lamas? Grice with a nice counter to a Lamas jab. Left hook, right straight by Grice, then a snap kick. Lamas crunches Grice, who keeps ducking to the right, with a wicked left kick. Lamas pounces for our second quick stoppage. Ricardo Lamas defeats Matt Grice by TKO R1

Nik_lentz_x_charles_oliveira_medium Nik Lentz vs. Charles Oliveira

Oliveira begins with a low kick. Lentz ducks under an incoming combination and scores a takedown, Oliveira nails him with an upkick from his back. Oliveira threatens with a leg lock but Lentz escapes. Oliveira with another upkick and stands up. Straight left sets up a hard low kick from Oliveira, who stops a Lentz takedown with a strong elbow to the face. Oliveira working the Thai plum well, tries a hip throw, Lentz defends but gets dropped with a punch. Oliveira pounces and twists a guillotine from the top, but Lentz patiently works free. They stand and now it's Lentz who snaps the Brazilian's head down with a guillotine attempt. Oliveira is free and lighting Lentz up with strikes, then hits the hip throw from the clinch and mounts Lentz. Great first round. 10-9 Oliveira for the more effective strikes and submission attempts

R2: Oliveira opens with a flying knee, then conjures up a triangle attempt. Lentz squirms free but ends up on bottom, now squeezing a guillotine with half guard. Oliveira lands a clearly illegal knee to a downed Lentz that the referee completely misses. Lentz is hurt and turtling while Oliveira hammers hooks, then takes his back and cranks a rear naked choke. Lentz taps. If this fight took place in New Jersey or Nevada, the instant replay rule would catch this loss by a clear foul. Waiting for the official decision. Oliveira is announced as the winner, but Rogan announces that he spoke to the commission and they will investigate the blatantly illegal knee. For now: Charles Oliveira defeats Nik Lentz by submission R2


Daniel Roberts vs. Rich Attonito

Roberts comes out aggressive in southpaw. Low kick by Roberts, then a high kick that's blocked. Superman punch from Roberts, who is busier, but Attonito is stalking. Left hand by Attonito. Roberts throwing hands while retreating, then another strong left kick to the body. Attonito has him pinned and Roberts drops for an ankle pick, Attonito steps back from it and tries to pin him against the fence with dirty boxing. Roberts circles away firing counters. Roberts circling into Attonito's power hand and eats a right for his mistake. Attonito clinches and loses a single leg attempt. Attonito stalking with barely any offense. Jumping knee by Roberts, who then has a takedown stuffed. Attonito controls the head and threatens to take the back; Roberts spins out and Attonito's in his guard. Sparse ground and pound by Attonito. I have it 10-9 Roberts for the volume and effectiveness of strikes

R2: Roberts opens by shooting, Attonito sprawls but Roberts transitions to his back. Roberts hits a takedown from the rear waist cinch and is working for the mata leao one minute in. Attonito perseveres and scrambles free, spinning into Roberts' half guard. Medium GnP from Attonito. Roberts goes after a leg, Attonito avoids the attempt and he's back in half guard. Increasingly powerful GnP from Attonito, now in full guard. Hard elbow from the top. Forearms to the body, and a wide mix from Attonito on top, who is in complete control of the round now. The bell sounds with "The Bull" smashing strikes from the top. 10-9 Attonito

R3:  Lazy body kick by Roberts, who looks drained. Attonito pressing hard with stiff combinations, then a hard low kick. Roberts still circling into the power side. Roberts in retreat and survive mode; ducking his head and leaning against the fence while Attonito tees off. Attonito fakes the takedown and clips Roberts with a right high kick. Roberts recovers amidst a hail of Attonito strikes on the ground, then staggers back to his feet and shoots a sloppy double. Attonito throwing one-twos to a slow motion Roberts. Inside leg kick by Attonito. Exhausted takedown attempt by Roberts, who flops to his back and eats a few punches, then a knee on his way back to the feet. Attonito landing his straight right at will. 10-8 Attonito.

I have the fight 29-27 for Rich Attonito as we await the judges' call. They have it: 29-27, 30-27, and 29-28 for Rich Attonito, who defeats Daniel Roberts by unanimous decision.

Jlau_x_warburton_medium Joe Lauzon vs. Curt Warburton

Warburton with two hesitant jabs, then a hard left. Lauzon lunges forward with a right-left. Right straight-left hook from Warburton, then a left body kick. Nice overhand right from Lauzon, who then hammers Warburton with a right-left combo and buries him in a torrent of elbows, punches, then a knee to the body. Lauzon snatches an arm and falls back into guard while twisting the shoulder-lock. Joe Lauzon defeats Curt Warburton by submission R1

Joe Stevenson vs. Javier Vazquez


Stevenson springs with a left and Javi ducks under for a nice takedown. Stevenson hooks Javi's left arm in the crook of his neck and threatens with a legit inverted armbar and cranks it. Javi's out, jumps on an arm, but loses it and somehow maintains position. Javi in half guard and looking to pass. Pestering right hands by Javi ... and the referee decides to stand them up. Javi tries to duck under another Stevenson punch but can't secure the takedown this time. Left hand by Javi, then ducks under again but it's stuffed. Beautiful set with the overhand left enables Javi's next shot, and he's immediately back to half guard and trying to scramble past guard. Short elbow from Javi, Stevenson looking to buck him off, but Javi bases down throws right hands to the body, then closes the round throwing knees to the body. 10-9 Vazquez

R2: Double jab and straight left by Javi. Two more jabs keep Stevenson at bay. One-two from Javi, who's beating Stevenson to the punch. Stevenson whiffs a left hook and eats a another jab. Stevenson grabs a single leg and drives Javi to the fence, who counters with the guillotine against the fence, and now jumps to guard to crank the guillotine. Stevenson breaks loose, Javi controls the head while Stevenson holds him against the fence with the body lock. It's Javi who hits a trip and spiders to side-mount, then wheels around to take Stevenson's back. Stevenson gets to a knee and stands, and he's back pressing Javi against the fence, pursuing a takedown that isn't there. I can't tell if Stevenson gets the takedown briefly or if Javi cranks a kimura, but they hit the floor and are immediately back to their feet, where Stevenson flails an overhand. 10-9 Vazquez for the more effective strikes and threatening with submissions

R3: Javi opens up establishing the jab and straight left again. Another straight left, then a missed uppercut. Stevenson finally lands a strong low kick. Stevenson charged with strikes, Javi ducks under and forces Stevenson to slow, Stevenson tries to clinch but they separate. Uppercuts by Javi, a lot of movement by Stevenson, but not throwing much. Javi circles under Stevenson's lead punch and lands a left, Stevenson lands another low kick. Jab by Joe Daddy, then a low kick. Javi slowing and Stevenson more active, but not much doing. Stevenson goes for the clinch but switches to a knee that connects, but not with much force. He seeks the clinch again, Javi uppercuts to repel him, and both are winging insignificant punches. 10-10 round, but Stevenson could have edged it 10-9

I have the bout 30-28 for Javi Vazquez as we await the official ruling. The judges have it 30-27 twice and 29-28 for Javier Vazquez, who defeats Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision

Tyson_griffin_vs_manny_gamburyan_medium Tyson Griffin vs. Manny Gamburyan

Tyson Griffin looking like the bigger man for once. Gamburyan reminds him of the meathook right hand, Griffin cracks a low kick. Gamburyan leaving his left hand dangerously low. They trade leg kicks. Tyson advances with a combo but Gamburyan ducks under and nails a double leg. Griffin scoots his back to the fence and tries to stand, but Gamburyan yanks his legs out and punches. Griffin hops to his feet and circles off the fence but gets bound up in a guillotine. Gamburyan holding the lock but not cranking it, then knees to the midsection. Griffin is loose, but Gamburyan hits a big throw with underhooks, Griffin tries to spin out on the ground but Gamburyan is on his back. Griffin shakes him loose but he's pressed against the fence and absorbing knees to the thighs. Griffin circles out while Gamburyan works knees from the over-under, then to guillotine position again. Griffin goes for a single, but Manny punches to loosen him, then they trade knees before breaking free. Griffin lands a leg kick to close the round. Extremely close round with equal offense. 10-10 for neither fighter establishing an advantage

R2: Griffin cracks with a low kick, but Gamburyan unloads the homerun right to back him off. Left-right combo closed with a low kick from Gamburyan. Griffin's low kick lands and Gamburyan's overhand barely misses, but he's taken clinched up when he throws it again, but he pushes Grifin away. Referee chattering for no reason. Griffin starting to control the cage with stiff punches and leg kicks. Gamburyan backing up and winging the right, but this time he catches the low kick and unloads the haymaker. Griffin recovers, and thrusts forward with a knee that catches the cup. We pause for the accidental low blow. Leaping one-two from Gamburyan is blocked, double jab from Griffin backs him up. Lead uppercut by Griffin grazes, three-piece combo backs Gamburyan up. Referee still giving unnecessary commands for action. Low kick, triple jab by Griffin, and now it's a left kick that clangs off Gamburyan's cup as the ten-second clap sounds. Not enough time for anything after the restart. 10-9 Griffin

R3: Series of haymakers from Gamburyan misses, but a leg kick lands, but his takedown attempt is stuffed. Griffin in hot pursuit and looking to punish the legs. Nice three-shot combo from Griffin, then another low kick. Gamburyan counters Griffin's incoming left hook with a shot, which Griffin fends off, forcing Gamburyan against the cage wall and seeking out a single. Manny counters with a kimura and Griffin relents. Gamburyan is now clinging to a leg, then switches to a strong double and lifts Griffin for a powerful takedown. Griffin is slippery and right back to his feet, ends up on top momentarily in a scramble, but Gamburyan stands and they battle in the clinch against the fence. Gamburyan tries a hip throw, Griffin whizzers to defend. Knee from the plum by Griffin, then a low kick as they break the clinch. Gamburyan attempts to catch the low kick and counter with the right, but Griffin catches his balance and then sprawls to defend the takedown. Gamburyan hits a takedown to close the round but Griffin is right back up. That could go to Griffin by a narrow margin, but it was too back and forth for me. 10-10

I have it 30-29 Griffin. The judges see it 29-28 twice and 29-29 for Tyson Griffin, who beats Manny Gamburyan by unanimous decision.



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