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Video: Nate Marquardt Easily Cuts Down to Welterweight

There has been a lot of speculation among fans that the UFC's decision to cut Nate Marquardt from the promotion may be due to a severe weight cut issue. Fortunately for us, E. Casey Leydon shot video of the entire weight cutting process that Nate Marquardt went through to make the new 170 lb. threshold. I think this safely puts to rest any doubts.

Marquardt looked far from drained or disoriented from the weight cut. The absurd rumors that he was roughly 10 or more pounds overweight are completely untrue, likely leading to more speculation that there was a potential substance issue with his medicals.

I find it hard to believe this was simply a case in which he did something minor. Being cut from the UFC is a major punishment, and I think it's absurd to believe anyone but the athletic commission itself when it comes to drug testing and other issues. We will find out more today at 4:00 PM ET as the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission will hold a press conference. 


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