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Dana White Announces Nate Marquardt Cut From UFC for Failed Medicals

It's been a crazy day as just prior to the UFC on Versus 4 weigh-ins we found out that Nate Marquardt had not been medically cleared to fight in the main event against Rick Story. Now, UFC president Dana White posted a video on TOUT stating that Marquardt would not only be off the card, but would no longer fight for the UFC. Here's the video:

We need to know more information here. There has been speculation that Marquardt must have failed some sort of pre-fight drug test as well as some talk that he may have been as high in weight as 181 pounds. In the event that he was actually 181, it's possible that the medical staff stepped in and did not allow him to continue cutting weight if he was already too drained. He also has failed a drug test in the past, testing positive for Nandrolone after his bout with Ivan Salaverry at the first Spike TV Fight Night event.

Regardless, we will all be anxiously awaiting more information as this is obviously a very rough move by the UFC to cut a guy they had in a main event, so it's not likely that it wasn't a direct result of something done by Marquardt.

Update: I'm hearing all over that Nate was not going to have trouble making weight. So that appears out as the cause.

Update II: A lot of asking around has me fairly confident that it is not related to performance enhancing drugs either. Still no word on what's going on.

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