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Further Details Emerge About UFC Undisputed 3

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Earlier this month, THQ revealed that their upcoming UFC game, Undisputed 3, would feature Pride Mode, allowing players to fight in authentic Pride environments with authentic Pride commentators and under the authentic Pride ruleset. We also learned that the game would feature over 150 UFC fighters, including the recent additions of the bantam- and feathweights.

Gaming blog Kotaku provided additional details from THQ's presentation at E3.

On the removal of the "shine" submission system:

In UFC 3, submissions are a minigame in which two bars race around an octagon, one bar trying cover and trap the other. It looks a lot like EA Sports MMA's submission, in which both sides felt blindly around the perimeter of a circle, trying to find a moving spot that made their controller rumble.

Undisputed 3 will implement a new feature a competition mode, which will level fighters attributes in order to provide balanced gameplay. The reason?

Developer Yuke's Future Media Creators told me at E3 that the point of UFC Undisputed 3's competition mode is to get the game sanctioned as a tournament game for events such as the Evo Championship Series.

If included, that would be a first for a game that is primarily a sports simulation.

A new, optional control scheme aims at lowering the learning curve for beginners:

With Amateur Control, players no longer need perform half and quarter circle sweeps with an analog stick to attack. Simple press up or down, let the game do the rest. UFC Undisputed 3 will also offer an improved tutorial system that will interrupt fights with informative prompts, should players choose to use them.

UFC Undisputed 3 is scheduled for release in January 2012.

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