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UFC 132: Urijah Faber - Dominick Cruz Should Be Called 'The Irritator' or 'The Eluder'

Faber-vs-cruz_mediumUrijah Faber has more choice words for his UFC 132 opponent, Dominick Cruz. On this latest video from the UFC, he says that "The Dominator" should change his nickname cause he isn't really that dangerous:

Our first fight, I wasn't impressed with the guy at all. He wasn't a terrible fighter, but it wasn't anything that stood out.

He's changed, but the thing that hasn't changed with him, is that he's not dangerous. It's ironic that a guy, especially with the name Dominick "The Dominator" Cruz, isn't dominating anyone. He should be called an "Irritator", or "The Eluder", not "Dominator".

Am I a guy that is worried about his stand-up game? No I'm not. I'm a hard guy to hit. I feel like my wrestling pedigree is better, my jiujitsu is better, and I feel like my hands are going to be better... And I've been tested. When the going gets tough, I get going. I'm going to be marching forward trying to capture that belt.


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