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Johny Hendricks Talks UFC 133 Fight With Mike Pierce, Rematch With Rick Story

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UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks is looking to get back into the mix at welterweight, but he has a tough opponent to go through on the way there. He will meet Mike Pierce at UFC 133, and spoke to BuddhaSport about that fight, his opinion on a rematch with Rick Story (who handed Hendricks his only career loss at The Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale last December), and how he got into MMA in the first place. He starts off by explaining how much weight he cuts:

"Well I'm usually around 205-210 so (I cut) anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds."

That's big. I didn't even realize he walked around that high. Next up was his opinion on UFC 133 opponent Pierce, which leads to an interesting situation with Story:

I think I match up with him pretty well. I fought a guy just like him with Ricky Story. I've actually trained with Rick a few times now since we fought and we have become pretty good friends. So I have the outline based. I think Story is a little bit better version of Pierce. So the Story fight is going to be a great baseline to go off of for this fight. And I'm excited to see what happens. I've been telling everyone I have been getting better. Now I can see if everything I have been doing during training to get better since the Rick Story fight is working. Because in my opinion it's going to be a similar fight to when I fought Story."

When asked if he would rematch Story, he offers a unique perspective on rematches that most guys (and fans) don't consider:

"I don't really care about that right now. If he's holding the belt, or has title implications? Oh yeah for sure I want to fight him again. I'm not a big believer in rematches because then I would have to rematch Amir Sadollah. Charlie Brenneman, T.J. Grant. You know what I mean? Then no one would ever get to a title shot if you had to rematch every time you lost. Thats the thing he was the better fighter that night. Down the road I have a feeling our paths will cross again. If not I am a better fighter because he beat me and I actually thanked him for that."

Hendricks also discusses how losing helped him sharpen his game, what got him into MMA, and how he thinks he'd fare against the top guys at welterweight. It's a very good interview and worthy of a few minutes of your time. You can catch the whole thing here.