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Carlos Condit Discusses UFC 132 Bout With Dong Hyun Kim, Fighting Teammates

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Carlos Condit is a realist. Instead of giving you the stock fighter answer about how they're superior to their opponents, or offering up the same song and dance about fighting teammates, Condit gives you the truth. He's not the best at everything. He might have to fight his friends. And he almost got to fight B.J. Penn. The Natural Born Killer spoke to BuddhaSport about his UFC 132 matchup with Dong Hyun Kim, and covered a few other topics as well. First, he offers up his opinion on The Stun Gun:

"Kim is a very high level wrestler & grappler. So he is that type of fighter. He has some underrated striking. The thing that stands out in my mind is that he is really strong for a welterweight. He is a big physical guy and he uses that to his advantage really well."

While a lot of guys would say they have nothing to worry about in the cage, the former WEC welterweight champion tells it like it is when it comes to concerns about Kim's game:

"Yeah, he absolutely poses some real problems for me stylistically. I have one or two losses on my record to good wrestlers who took me down and held me down and won decisions. There is a possibility that is how this fight could go, if we let it. But we are training to counter all his strengths and make sure things go my way. He is definitely a tough dude and I have got my work cut out for me."

While he makes a lot of references to Kim's wrestling, Kim actually has a judo background. Either way though, at least Condit is honest about his own faults and what he's up against at UFC 132. After talking about how he thinks he has the advantage standing against Kim and some discussion about Georges St. Pierre vs. Nick Diaz at UFC 137, Condit is asked about potentially fighting teammates (like GSP). You can bet Dana White is applauding somewhere when he reads this:

"To compete at the top level in this sport, you have to train on a daily basis with guys who are on the same level as you. They could possibly be in the same organization and the same weight class. So i think that its inevitable that eventually your going to have to cross paths with a teammate. Especially in my case training at Jacksons with all the top notch fighters coming out of that camp. At the end of the day it's a business and we are in MMA to fight not make friends, and you should want to be the best in the world so sometimes you might have to fight a teammate. I'm not saying it's not a tough thing because it is. It's just business."

And he offers up a tidbit about a fight with a certain Hawaiian Prodigy that ended up not happening:

"That fight was in the works. BJ ended up having an injury so that came to stop and I ended up getting Kim."

The rest of the interview is worth a read, where he talks about how he would potentially match up against St. Pierre and the state of his injured knee. You can check the whole thing out here.


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