On the Outside Looking In: June Update Welterweight - Flyweight

There are many interesting variables on the MMA horizon that will potentially impact both the sport and the fighters who are looking to make it big. Zuffa's purchase of Strikeforce in March and the eminent merge results in a trickle-down effect as Bellator ramps up their efforts to move in to the number two spot. This will obviously leave an opening for Maximum FC, Titan FC, Shark Fights, Shine Fights, M-1, or some other organization to jockey for third. Television deals also play into the grand scheme as the UFC is looking into purchasing their own cable channel, hopefully resulting in more scheduled fights and more opportunities for fighters. If the rumors become reality, Spike TV will presumably hand the reigns of their MMA programming over to Bellator. Bellator is already TV savvy and if they do get the Spike TV slot they will in turn need more name fighters, build their roster, and have less non-title ‘super fights' for their champions. Regardless of how all these events play out, MMA fans are on the verge of seeing their favorite sport anytime they turn on their TV. It is a great time to be a MMA fan...unless you are a MMA in New York. If you believe in the sport New Yorkers, make a change with your vote!



Eduardo Pamplona (14-2)

Fight Matrix Rank: 50 (MW)

Pamplona has been signed by Strikeforce and will face Jerron Peoples (0-0) this Friday, June 24 at Strikeforce Challengers 16. Four voters chose Pamplona as the next fighter to be signed on the May welterweight poll.


Siyar Bahadurzada (20-4-1)

SBNation Rank: 25

Fight Matrix Rank: 12

W - TKO - Tommy Depret (9-4, FMR #79) @ United Glory World Series Welterweight Finals, May 28


Jordan Mein (22-7-0)

Fight Matrix Rank: 22

W - UD - Marius Zaromskis (14-6, FMR #46) @ ScoreFighting Series, June 10




Brian Cobb (19-6-0, UFC 0-1)

Fight Matrix Rank: 9

W – SUB – Radley Martinez (9-2, FMR #136) @ Fight For Wrestling 3, May 20

W – TKO – Drew Fickett (41-14, FMR #48) @ Maximum FC 30, June 10


Katsunori Kikuno (15-3-2)

Fight Matrix Rank: 32

W – UD – Daisuke Nakamura (23-13, FMR #132) @ Dream Fight For Japan, May 29




Joachim Hansen (22-10-1)

Fight Matrix Rank: 9

W – SD – Mitsuhiro Ishida (20-7-1, FMR #21) @ Dream Fight For Japan, May 29


Masanori Kanehara (17-9-5)

Fight Matrix Rank: 41

W – KO – Motoshi Miyaji (7-6, FMR #UR) @ Pancrase Impressive Tour 5, June 5

Next Bout: Rasul Mirzaev (4-0, FMR #166) @ Fight Nights 4 in Moscow, July 7


Takeshi Inoue (20-5-0)

Fight Matrix Rank: 16

W – TKO – Koichiro Matsumoto (12-3, FMR #40) @ Dream Fight For Japan, May 29




Masakazu Imanari (23-8-2)

Fight Matrix Rank: 8

W – UD – Keisuke Fujiwara (11-3-4, FMR #59) @ Dream Fight For Japan, May 29

W – SUB – Kenji Osawa (17-10-2, FMR #27) @ Dream Fight For Japan, May 29


Takafumi Otsuka (11-8-1)

Fight Matrix Rank: 28

L – SD – Kenji Osawa (17-10-2, FMR #27) @ Dream Fight For Japan, May 29

Next bout: Hiroshi Nakamura (12-4-4, FMR #14) @ DEEP 54 for the Bantamweight Title, June 24


Yoshiro Maeda (28-10-2, WEC 1-2)

Fight Matrix Rank: 20

L – TKO Corner Stoppage – Hideo Tokoro (29-23-1, FMR #10) @ Dream Fight For Japan, May 29




Kiyotaka Shimizu (9-3-2)

Fight Matrix Rank: 5

W – MD – Mitsuhisa Sunabe (13-7-4, FMR #11) @ Pancrase Impressive Tour 5, June 5



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