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Jim Miller Talks Guida vs. Pettis, Being the Number One Contender, His Peers

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Jim Miller is still one of the most underrated fighters in the game, in my opinion. Not many guys are on seven fight winning streaks in the UFC, yet the workmanlike Miller still doesn't get a lot of press. He did a semi-rare interview with MMADiehards where he discusses a variety of things including the Clay Guida vs. Anthony Pettis fight, whether he is really the number one contender despite Dana White saying so, and much more.

On the Guida/Pettis fight:

"Clay had all the tools to show a hole in Anthony's game. Anthony's not a good wrestler. He's decent on the ground, but he's high blue/purple. You know, he makes mistakes. So, you know, Clay was able to take advantage, and that's what I figured would happen."

On being named the number one contender for the UFC lightweight title by Dana White recently:

"With a win, okay, I'll be the number one contender. But that doesn't matter to me at all until August 15th (where he faces Ben Henderson at UFC on Versus 5) with another W."

More on the number one contender deal, and what really means a lot to him in terms of praise:

"As much as I appreciate what the fans say, and Dana saying it, you know...things change. He's a businessman. You know, once I sign the contract for that title fight, then I'll be satisfied. What really means a lot to me is my peers, you know, comin' out and saying they admire what I've done and the way I've gone about it. Basically just stating the truth, I haven't been running my mouth. I mean, I've won 7 fights in a row, maybe you better recognize me a bit."

He also breaks down how he thinks the third installment of Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard will go, and how he fights for his family and his training partners. He ends with a telling quote:

"Like John Wayne says, I do everything in my life so my family will love me and my friends will respect me. Everyone else can do as they please."

I personally can't wait for his bout with Ben Henderson at UFC on Versus 5 on August 15th, and I'm thoroughly disappointed that it's not the main event. If that is indeed the card where we see the first five round non-title main event, do people really want to see it go to Dan Hardy vs. Chris Lytle, or this stellar matchup? This guy here wants to see the lightweights.

You can catch the whole interview after the jump.