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Nate Marquardt Talks 170, Rick Story, Potential Matchup With Georges St. Pierre

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Nate Marquardt is making the drop to 170 for the first time this Sunday at UFC on Versus 4 where he takes on Rick Story. Nate talked to MMAWeekly about the fight, who suggested the weight cut, and how he would feel about facing the 170 lb. champion (hint: the guy who suggested it and the champion are the same person). First off, he talks about his reasons for the cut:

"It has everything to do with how I feel. For my last fight I was walking around quite a bit lighter. I felt way better, I felt better in practice, I felt better after practice, I felt quicker, better stamina, and this camp even more so. I haven't lost any strength, my speed's gone up, my power's gone up, and I feel really good. Really confident."

He lets it slip that Georges St. Pierre is actually the one that suggested he drop to welterweight after seeing how light he was for his last fight. This leads to the obvious question - have Nate and GSP talked about fighting each other?

"We just kinda decided that I need to do what's best for me, and right now I'm fighting Rick Story and that's all there is to it, and that (teammate vs. teammate) issue is something I don't need to think about or address right now. We'll talk about it when the time comes."

In other words, the stock generic answer about this topic. He goes on to discuss the differences between original opponent Anthony Johnson and new opponent Rick Story:

My gameplan for Anthony Johnson was very basic and because of that, it wasn't a big adjustment to switch to Rick Story. However, he's a totally different fighter. He's a southpaw, he's short compared to Anthony Johnson, he's stockier, he uses his wrestling more, he's more of a boxer brawler reather than Anthony's more of a kickboxer, so he's a very different fighter.

I find it kind of odd that his gameplan for AJ as so basic, but I'm probably reading into things a bit. You can catch the whole video after the jump.

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