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Alistair Overeem: 'Fabricio Should be Ashamed About His Performance'

Photo by Esther Lin/Forza LLC/Forza LLC via Getty Images
Photo by Esther Lin/Forza LLC/Forza LLC via Getty Images

Alistair Overeem defeated Fabricio Werdum in the main event of last night's Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum card in Dallas, but he's definitely not that happy about it. Werdum, who pulled guard many times and tried to coax Overeem into a ground battle, isn't getting many compliments directed his way about his performance, and Alistair is in the same camp as a lot of us. He spoke to Fighters Only after the press conference last night, and was quite clear with his feelings:

I won the fight but I'm not entirely satisfied. I couldn't deliver to the fans what I promised. I like to deliver exciting fights and that was not the case tonight. I do have to say it takes two to tango, but I'm disappointed and I think Fabricio should be ashamed about his performance. Looking back at the fight, I believe he didn't come to fight and was stalling a lot, but I wasn't able to capitalize on it and finish him.

He also commented on Fabricio's striking:

He didn't strike with me to knock me out, he struck with me to try and set up his takedowns, which were not successful, so...yeah. What can I say?

He goes on to talk about why he stayed in Werdum's guard late in the fight, and how he was prepared to fight on the ground but was frustrated that Werdum didn't want to do more standing. You can catch the whole video after the jump.

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