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The Reem, Episode 4: Counting Down

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The newest episode of  Alistair Overeem's awesome documentary, The Reem, came out just a few hours ago. The production values and the storytelling in these episodes are better than almost anything similar out there, plus they give you amazing insight into the life of Overeem. This episode opens up with Overeem talking to Tra Telligman, a blast from the past. Overeem describes how Telligman was someone he looked up to and him and Valentijn based their fighting styles on Tra's.

Next, he talks with tonight's opponent at Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum, Fabricio Werdum and Scott Coker, and says that there's no bad blood and that the sport needs more professionalism. Scott Coker then discusses the Heavyweight Grand Prix, and states the finals will take place in January or February. After that, it's Ariel Helwani's turn to talk about the fight between Overeem and Werdum.

And that's just the first 8 minutes. The video goes a full 19 minutes and has a lot of interesting stuff in it, including a lot with Scott Coker talking about his "baby" getting bought by Zuffa and how he feels about it. You should definitely check it out below.

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