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Strikeforce Fight Card: Interviews With Josh Barnett and Alistair Overeem

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SHOsports has a video up on their Youtube page from yesterday's weigh-ins for Strikeforce: Overeem vs. Werdum in Dallas. Heidi Androl was on hand to give a brief run-through of the weigh-ins, and then interviewed Josh Barnett and Fabricio Werdum. Barnett starts off talking about Rogers and what he expect to see out of him:

I don't think I'm going to see much more than I've seen in the past, in terms of him and his slugging, brawling game. I just think that perhaps he's in good shape right now. 258 looks like the slimmest, trimmest Brett Rogers that I've ever seen. I'm sure he trained really, really hard, and I'm kinda curious to see what new offense he might bring to the table, although I'm not keen to allow him to use it.

And Werdum talks about the evolution of his training since the last time he met Overeem (and beat him) back in 2006:

The last time in 2006 I was just training jiu-jitsu, now I'm training jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and muay thai. For sure it's a different time now, beause Overeem has more experience and me too, and I'm excited for tomorrow because I'm training a lot. I trained for eight months for this fight.

You can catch the whole video after the jump.

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