LNF 21: SF Dallas Primer: Alistair Overeem running away from punches Lesnar style, Barnett vs Schlit. Overeem v Kharitonov 1, 2 and vs Werdum. Wedrum v JOE and Rogers v Warpath

Bloody Elbow is the premier MMA community, and it is because every single user brings something to the table whether in the form of humerous banter or expert knowledge in a one of the martial arts. Being a huge fight fan, i believe this is my contribution to the BE community. LATE NIGHT FIGHTS as a series was created in order to highlight great classics and those fights that are often cited but rarely seen as well as the past, present and future legends of MMA in their early non UFC or non MMA bouts. - KJJ

Hey Gang, i have been away. Engineering Physics in the summer + P90X + Girlfriend who lives on the other side of the state = no time left. I will do my best to keep dropping installments every once in a while, especially the Primers. It takes a lot of research to compile these but i always want to maintain a high quality for you fellow BE readers to enjoy. Now less talk, more fisticuffs!

Warpath Villareal has fought a lot of really tough dudes and seems to be the Kyacey Uscola of the heavyweight division, lets check out Rogers bounceback fight after the slicing by Overeem.


Brett Rogers 10-2

NW: Andrei Arlovski, James Thompson

NL: Alistair Overeem, Fedor Emelianenko


Reuben Villareal 19-18-3

NW: Wes Combs,

NL: Tony Lopez, Jimma Ambriz, Mighty Mo, Tim Hague, Paul Buentello, Justin McCully, Mike Whitehead, Bas Rutten, Antonio Silva, Ricco Rodriguez, Bobby Hoffman, Travis Wiuff, Dan Severn

ND: Don Frye, Andre Roberts

Josh Barnett is a very accomplished grappler, here you can see this on display as he versus the 7 foot flying dutchman, Semmy "Hightower" Schlit at UFC 32. to give you an idea how old this fight is, Ricco knocked out Arlovski, Tito fought Elvis Sinosic for the title and a 1-0 BJ Penn would put a licking on 12-1 Din Thomas winning by strikes in the first round.


Josh Barnett 10-1

NW: Gan McGee, Dan Severn, Bobby Hoffman

NL: Pedro Rizzo


Semmy Schlit 19-9 -1

NW: Pete Williams, Yuki Kondo, Ikuhisa Minowa, Yoshiki Takahasi, Guy Mezger, Masakatsu Funaki, Minoru Suzuki

NL: Guy Mezger, Yuki Kondo, Masakatsu Funaki, Gilbert Yvel

ND: Aleksei Medvedev

JOE has been all the rage recently, before his loss to Pee Wee Herman his only blemish on his MMA record was a decision loss to Fabricio Werdum. Lets take a gander.


Fabricio Werdum 6-1-1

NW: Roman Zentsov, Gabriel Gonzaga, Kristof Miodux, Tom Erikson, Ebenezer Braga

NL: Sergei Kharitonov

ND: James Zikic


Jon Olav Einemo 5-0

This fight is Overeem's last MMA loss, in true STRIKEFORCE style he would be granted a title shot following the loss to Kharitonov.


Alistair Overeem 25-10

NW: Igor Vovchanchyn, Vitor Belfort, Sergei Kharitonov, Roman Zentsov

NL: Bobby Hoffman, Chuck Liddell, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Mauricio Rua, Fabrico Werdum, Ricardo Arona


Sergei Kharitonov 14-3

NW: Mike Russow, Fabricio Werdum, Pedro Rizzo, Semmy Schlit, Murilo Rua

NL: Alistair Overeem, Aleksander Emelianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria

To see their first fight, where Overeem wins via UberKnees to the grill, follow the link (video is unembeddable)

Finally, our main event. Before the big fight tonight, lets check out the Prequel!

Fabricio Werdum 7-1-1

NW: Roman Zentsov, Gabriel Gonzaga, Kristof Miodux, Tom Erikson, Ebenezer Braga, Jon Olav Einemo

NL: Sergei Kharitonov

ND: James Zikic

Alistair Overeem 23-6

NW: Igor Vovchanchyn, Vitor Belfort, Sergei Kharitonov, Roman Zentsov

NL: Bobby Hoffman, Chuck Liddell, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Mauricio Rua

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