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NSAC Receives Funding for Out-of-Competition Drug Testing

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Creative Commons
Photo courtesy of Flickr/Creative Commons

It's easy to beat a drug test when you know when it will be administered. You can time your cycle, you can flush it out of your system, or you can buy a prosthetic penis filled with fake urine to fool the testing official.

Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu suggested, "Emerge to their surprise." Nevada has had the ability to use out-of-competition testing for a few years now -- B.J. Penn and Sean Sherk were tested in Hawaii and Minnesota, respectively, prior to UFC 84, but budget restraints have prevented the commission from utilizing the practice on a larger scale. Earlier this year, the commission eliminated the practice due to a lack of funds.

According to Mike Chiappetta, Governor Brian Sandoval signed Senate Bill no. 498 into law, providing funding for out-of-competition testing. From the article:

Currently, promotions pay $1 for each ticket sold for admission at sanctioned professional events, though smaller events (those with gross receipts less than $500,000) pay 50 cents for each ticket sold.

Last year, for example, the UFC held six events in Nevada that drew a total of over 40,000 paid fans. It included four pay-per-view events that drew $1 million-plus gates, and two smaller Ultimate Fighter Finales that drew less than $500,000 each. Those ticket sales resulted in Nevada earning $39,189.50 in fees.

Those fees will now help fund the testing program. The change goes into effect on July 1, the day before UFC 132 comes to town.

There's no word on how often the NSAC will utilize the program, but this is a huge coup for drug testing proponents.

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