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Dana White Says No Set Plans Yet for Fitch, Penn, and Shields

Image via <a href="">Sherdog</a>.
Image via Sherdog.

In the hoopla surrounding UFC 131, a bit of welterweight news flew under the radar. There has been much speculation about some of the top-level welterweights ever since the rematch between Jon Fitch and B.J. Penn went down in flames due to injuries. In the meantime, Penn and Jake Shields turned to twitter and challenged each other. Where does this leave these guys? Dana White spoke to MMAWeekly and said that injuries are still putting the damper on any planning:

"No, we don’t have anything yet. B.J.’s been calling (Shields) out, B.J.’s chomping at the bit to fight right now, he wants to fight."

"Right now that’s what we’re waiting on. As far as a lot of these fights go, guys that are injured, guys that are not, guys that are coming back, once all these guys heal up we’re going to have a crazy roster."

With Fitch still out for a while to rehab his shoulder, a Penn/Shields matchup would seem logical if BJ's truly healthy. Will that go forward? Hopefully we find out soon.