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UFC 131 Results: Junior dos Santos vs. Shane Carwin Fight Video Highlights

If you spent Saturday night getting drunk at a wedding, you missed Junior dos Santos turn Shane Carwin's face into a crimson mask. And not a mask with special powers like the Jim Carey movie. This mask represented fifteen minutes of pain and suffering and all sorts of Buddhist truths on the meaning of existence.

Fortunately for you, Mr. I'm too good to watch UFC 131 live, ESPN has you covered with this delightful highlight package:

Shane Carwin vs. Junior dos Santos - Round 1 - Feeling out early. Carwin shoots in for the takedown early and JDS defending well. JDS gets off the cage. Right hand lands for Carwin. Right hand by JDS, left hand by Carwin. Right hand by Carwin and an uppercut by JDS. Right hand by Carwin glances. JDS a little short with the jab. Left hook lands for JDS. Carwin shoots, JDS slips down but manages to bounce right back up. Hook by JDS. JDS is landing the better punches in the stand up here. Right hand by JDS and Carwin is looking tired already. Big shots JDS and Carwin goes down. JDS pouring it on and Carwin trying to survive. Junior goes for the choke and can't get it. JDS going nuts with the punches and Carwin survives. He is bleeding badly but survives the round. 10-8 dos Santos.

Round 2 - Head kick by JDS misses. Huge overhand right by JDS misses. Carwin lands but JDS hits him better with an uppercut. Leg kick by JDS and this fight is slowing down a lot. Leg kick by Carwin. Another one. Leg kick in return by JDS. Big shot lands for Carwin and backs Junior up. Right hand by Carwin lands. He's still in this fight. Leg kick by Carwin again. Jab continues to land for JDS though. Head kick by JDS and Carwin mostly blocked it. Big right hand by Carwin and JDS digs to the body. 10-9 JDS again.

Round 3 - Carwin rushes in for the takedown. He gets it. JDS using the cage to try to stand and he does get back up. Knee to the body by Junior and he gets outside. Carwin trying to get close enough to land a punch but it just isn't happening. Jab by JDS as Carwin tries to close distance. Punch lands for Carwin. Nice hook lands for Junior. Nice punches by JDS and Carwin is just purely outclassed here. Right hand follows the jab for Junior. Junior just picking him apart. Big takedown by Junior out of nowhere and he gets kicked off by Carwin. Both men land punches and then Junior with a takedown. Carwin reverses him as the final horn sounds. 10-9 Junior. Carwin's face is an absolute mess.

Official Scorecards: 30-27, 30-27, 30-26. Junior dos Santos wins by unanimous decision.

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