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UFC 131 Results: Nick Ring Demolishes James Head After Early Scare

After an early scare in round one, The Ultimate Fighter alumnist Nick Ring dominated UFC newcomer James Head, sinking in a rear naked choke at the 3:33 mark of the third round.

Head was able to steal round one after getting battered by Ring early. As Ring dipped down to land a body shot to the breadbasket, Head crushed Ring with a hook, dropping him instantly. Ring recovered quickly, but in his dazed state -- Head turned up the heat in the clinch once they reset in the center of the cage. 

Ring smartly avoided the stand-up game in the second, taking down Head early and brutally punishing him with ground and pound for a majority of the round. Head was visibly exhausted and taking a brutal beating when referee Herb Dean briefly stopped the contest to check a cut. Head was allowed to continue with Ring in side control at the center of the cage after the doctor cleared him, but it didn't help matters as Ring continued his assault till the end of the round.

Ring immediately took Head down early in the third, beating him senseless from top control with elbows and punches from half guard. The few attempts by Head to escape were easily neutralized, and Ring eventually took advantage of Head's weariness, sinking in a rear naked choke to win.

Ring was a contestant on the 11th season of The Ultimate Fighter. He defeated the eventual show winner Court McGee in his second bout in the house, and he was scheduled to rematch McGee later in the show after McGee was reinstated. Unfortunately, Ring tore his ACL and smartly opted to withdraw from the competition to have surgery. He narrowly edged Riki Fukuda at UFC 127 in his debut with the promotion.

Head put his name on the map in February when he defeated former UFC fighter Gerald Harris via unanimous decision at an event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has previously amassed a 6-1 record with his lone loss coming against Jesse Forbes in August of 2009.