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UFC 131 Video: Dana White's Video Blog - Episode 2

Here's the second episode of UFC President, Dana White's video blogs, as it leads up to UFC 131: Carwin vs. dos Santos this weekend. This entire blog focuses on what happened behind the scenes of the recent UFC 131 pre-fight press conference. It mostly shows Dana White feeling under the weather, but he goes on to talk to the fighters, and more notably, he still made a lot of time to hangout, take pictures, sign autographs, and speak to the fans that attended the presser.

I know I've said this before - You can criticize him for all of his flaws, but really you won't be able to find any other head official from other mainstream sports that would be willing to make an effort to truly interact with the fans the way Dana does.

Also, if you missed the first video blog, you can still check it out on this link.


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