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The Ultimate Fighter 13: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos Live Discussion (Episode 10)

Tuf1310_email_mediumJoin Bloody Elbow on Wednesday nights to discuss the latest episode of the Ultimate Fighter 13, featuring former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and rising star Junior dos Santos.

Holy crap. It's over. It's finally over. No more writing about Brock Lesnar, the disappointment. No more writing about Junior dos Santos, your friendly neighborhood Brazilian. No more writing about a bunch of bland welterweights (and I had to check Wikipedia to make sure they weren't middleweights) that won't make the grade in the UFC. No more! I am free! FREE!

(Until the fall when TUF 14 starts, anyway. I'm looking at you Bisping, Mayhem, and little dudes.)

* * *

But you know what's more interesting than the Ultimate Fighter? Other sports. Did you know Shaq retired today? He did it on Twitter (naturally). He also took "Rampage" on Saturday. I look forward to whatever hijinks the Big Aristotle gets himself into.

Also more exciting? The NBA Finals game last night! Breaking: Best player in NBA gonna win a title with legit supporting cast.

Even more exciting? NHL Stanley Cup Finals, y'all! I'm taking the Canucks. Even I can't root for the Boston Bruins. Here's some good reading about a Canucks fan who drives 15 hours to Game 4 against the Sharks and winds up meeting the Canucks owner, waking up in the hospital, and getting comped to Game 5.

No sneak peek. Check out the TUF website.

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