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Jake Rosholt Appealing Titan Fighting 18 Loss

Jake Rosholt lands an illegal knee on John Ott on Friday at Titan Fighting Championship 18. <em>Photos by Keith Mills/<a href=""></a></em>
Jake Rosholt lands an illegal knee on John Ott on Friday at Titan Fighting Championship 18. Photos by Keith Mills/

After his controversial disqualification loss to John Ott at Titan Fighting Championship 18 on Friday, Jake Rosholt is appealing the decision to the Kansas Athletic Commission.

Rosholt told Bloody Elbow Radio on Tuesday that he and his team are looking to get the result of the fight changed to a no contest at worst or are seeing if they will rule it a technical decision and go to the scorecards.

The controversy arose when Rosholt hit Ott with a knee to the head of a downed opponent late in the third round, a foul under the Unified Rules. The referee ruled it an intentional foul and disqualified Rosholt when it was deemed Ott could no longer continue. Rosholt maintains his stance that the knee was an accidental foul.

The fight was the co-main event of Titan Fighting 18, which was broadcast by HDNet. 

Rosholt said the decision is "pretty hard to stomach, especially when I don't think that's the correct decision."

"We're talking with the commission from Kansas," Rosholt said. "We talked to them Friday night after the fight. I felt like there's been other fights where the exact same situation arose and those fights were allowed to go to the scorecards when the fighter couldn't continue and I don't understand why my fight wasn't allowed to go in that same direction."

Rosholt said the commission is moving faster than he expected and has been very professional about the entire matter. He said he was told it would be a "couple weeks" but they've already had a lot of discussion with the commission.

"I don't really know what's going to come of it," Rosholt said. "I guess if nothing else it's going to make me feel a little bit better just because I didn't standby and let something I didn't feel was right happen."

Rosholt dominated the fight up to that point, opening up multiple cuts on Ott's face, including a nasty gash on the bridge of the nose. At one point in the third round, referee Mike England stopped the bout to have the cuts checked after Ott left a pool of blood in the center of the cage. The stoppage came with Rosholt having just mounted Ott. The fight subsequently restarted on the feet.

Then, with 40 seconds left in the fight, Rosholt landed the illegal knee. Rosholt said he thought Ott's knee was up and that's why he threw it, noting, at the time, he didn't know why the referee stopped the fight. It set off a bizarre scene in which Ott immediately rose to his feet, gave a thumbs up and put his hands on his hips only to wobble around moments later.

"You know, do I think he (milked it)? Yeah, I think he did," Rosholt said. "Can I judge him or is it my place to judge him about what he did? No. It was his own decision. If he was hurt that bad, he was hurt that bad, but I sure think that he played it up a little bit. I don't understand how you can watch the video and not think that he did. The guy popped right back up, walked to the center, threw his thumbs up, the ref comes back over to him and says it was an illegal knee and he starts getting wobbly. So yeah, I think for sure he played it up a little bit."

In the cage following the bout, both fighters were asked by HDNet broadcaster Frank Trigg about a potential rematch. At the time, both were favorable, but Rosholt has since softened his stance.

"If it's something that needs to happen, I'll damn sure do it again," Rosholt said. "It's not above me, but I'm looking to keep bettering my career and keep going forward and ultimately, I want to get back to the UFC and I think that's the one thing about this ... this would've been my fifth win in a row this year. It's hard to stomach, especially since I feel like i performed really well and totally dominated the fight. It sucks to look and see that L there."

Moving forward, Rosholt and his brother Jared will fight again this weekend at C3 Fights in Oklahoma, marking the third straight weekend each of them will fight. Rosholt will face IFL veteran Matt Thompson if he feels his body is sufficiently recovered enough to go.

"It's not an ideal situation to come from, to go out there and fight after going 14-and-a-half minutes," Rosholt said. "I'm still pretty sore and banged up from the fight, but I don't have anything broken or anything like that. Nothing's super-bad, so I'm kind of just waiting this out and seeing how my body (responds). I've been icing a lot, resting and trying to get my body to recover."