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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? Mixed Martial Arts on Twitter for the 1st Week of June


A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA Twitterverse



"Just found out crocop won't take the fight with me. They want a easy fight."  -Tim Sylvia

"My grandma's always asking me if I'm on steroids. No grandma!!"  -Jason High

"Time to get my bag ready for training. See if I can learn some wrestling today... =)"  -Dan Hardy

"F y'all cus I'm the badest motherfuxking cat lover you know. And yes allergic to cats... At least I got that going for me... I'm a cat lover not a "cat lover" you sick bastards"  -Forrest Griffin

"If you smoke fuxk you. You can't just kill yourself will food like the rest of America. You have to take me with ya huh"  -Forrest Griffin

"Dear bob arum first I would like to humbly apologize for any pain I have caused to you and or your family. I also want to apologize to manny paquiao for any wrong doing in my part. you are a great champion. I have realized that by accepting my mistakes everyone around me Will hopefully forgive me. With great humility I ask we work together for the good of the sport we dearly love. It is not fair to the fans and to the fighters. so today let's move forward and put on the best fights possible and show the world what we are capable of doing. Thank you bob.your friend oscar"  -Oscar De La Hoya, Pacquiao and Golden Boy Promotions has since settled their lawsuit. Hopefully this means more Top Rank vs GBP fights moving forward.


There's a ton of tweets after the jump, but first, don't forget to follow:

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" Thanks, such a honor to go against an elite fighter. How many people can say they fought rampage? I can."  -Matt Hamill

"Yo u didn't break my will,but u gain my respect,fan of yours now,special thanks 2 4 my training gym!"  -Quinton Jackson

"The only two ways I would fight my friend and teammate is if he converted to a terrorist or had the title."  -Tim Kennedy

" It was great meeting you and your wife this week. Let's continue our conversation."  -Mike Dolce, wants to help Roy Nelson cut down some fat, and maybe even a weightclass or two.

"havent met should be good I am one of top 5 guys in the UFC, Just fought crappy, bad day, best out 7, I will alwys win the series...  Gas tank is broke I have walking pneumoina, doc says he going to fix the roy 1.001... no joke, I have walking pneumoina explains cardio but Physically stronger better 130 thank u make me better"  -Roy Nelson

" congrats with your victory and now it's time for some Black on Black crime. Evans or Jones should be NeXT!"  -Alistair Overeem

"John Jones vs Rampage? What about GSP/dIAz?"  -Lorenzo Fertitta

"Sorry guys, I fucked up and let the judges decide my fate. Johnson did a good job and had a great game plan... Rewatched my fight, think I won based on effective attacks, sweeps & position control... Thanks to Sherdog, Heavy, Bloody Elbow, & MMAJunkie for scoring the fight in my favor. Bad judging can't hold me down, I will be back."  -Miguel Torres, Johnson was just defending all through out, I still think Torres should've won.

"Sherdog(all 3 Judges) Bloody Elbow, Heavymma and MMA rising all gave the fight to Miguel Torres. What did you guys think? ...Over 2500 people voted on who they think won between Torres and Johnson. 77% say Torres... Its a shame the judges don't seem to understand the ground game."  -Firas Zahabi, Yep. They should learn that being on top is an advantage in a sense that it is easier to score points, but it doesn't really mean that you already are.



"Rory, because a young guy with something to prove is more dangerous than a guy who thinks they're the shit like @danhardymma"  -Carlos Condit, when asked on who was a tougher opponent.

"@CarlosCondit hahaha! I never knew you were such a prick. Lightening doesn't strike twice mate. I'll find you again, don't worry."  -Dan Hardy

"All the shit @danhardymma talks and u guys get upset at that. Dude tweets hateful shit abt me wile Im in the room with him, no tag of course"  -Carlos Condit

"@CarlosCondit Thats because my followers know when I'm joking. Like I would actually stab you with my fork. I'd have to eat with my hands... Don't get excited, @carloscondit wouldn't fight me again, its too risky. Thats why he turned a fight down with Fitch... He made a cheap shot comment earlier today. I think its his way of getting some followers."  -Dan Hardy



"Ok so it's official. I'm to coach the new season of tuf. Opposite the class clown, should be fun! ...yeah thanks to the UFC, for the TUF coaching spot. Filming starts next weekend."  -Michael Bisping, will coach along side Mayhem Miller on the next season of TUF.

"It's for the best. After I got through with Bisping the only person that would ask for his signature is FedEx... Comment on Mayhem how? In terms of his coaching contract, or generally not being worth the gas that brings his $.50 hair dye from China?"  -Chael Sonnen

"I buy a couple on "The Bachelor" before I buy Miller as a Coach. Ten bucks says that he brings Bisping a rose on the season finale."  -Chael Sonnen

"Viewers: Prepare for the first season of TUF where both coaches speak English, and the show still needs subtitles..."  -Chael Sonnen

"hey @sonnench please speak when you become relevant again. I have an even bigger steaming pile to smash named @bisping."  -Jason Miller

"Oh Please. Andy is supposed to be a jiu jitsu demigod, yet he lacked the stones to get on the ground and cuddle with Thales Leitis... He hasn't put up a fight since Forrest Griffin, which is about as notable as getting your hand held by a stripper. NEXT."  -Chael Sonnen



"Dom on da cover of , u can officially get the chip off ur shoulder Lets Scrap, homie! -Urijah Faber


"... its not a chip on my shoulder "holmes"its a belt!...LET'S SCRAP IS RIGHT!"  -Dominick Cruz



"Caption this..."  -Miguel Torres, I'm pretty sure the picture speaks for itself...


"BahaMas baby! -Lorenzo Fertitta


"Five months ago, Sakuraba's ear got ripped off: . This is what it looks like today."  -Dan Herbertson


"It's Official!!! Mr. & Mrs. Cain Velasquez!!"  -Cain Velasquez, congrats!


"my foot vs @BigfootSilva"  -Rashad Evans


"New Action Figure! Steven Seagal: UFC Coach"  -Fighters Only, win.




"Don't crash up there flying police"  -Rachelle Leah


And Rachelle's latest twitter background image:


"Red carpet @ Studio 54!"  -Brittney Palmer


"baha me & my multiple personalities"  -Logan Stanton, replying to a fan


"The plan: get a tan, sleep some more, get some froyo.. epic Saturday in the works. :)"  -Natasha Wicks


"Does everyone wake up on Monday feeling like this? Or is it just me? I feel so alone.. ;)"  -Natasha Wicks, what? haha.


"Such a pleasure to get to see my OKC boys Nick Collison and Kevin Durant:)"  -Chandella Powell, still living in sideways land.


"Cheeeeeeeeeese!"  -Kelli Hutcherson


"Shooting in 15,000 limes today for Budlight..minus the robe of course ;)"  -Arianny Celeste


"Had so much fun sun bathing at Wet Republic today. :)"  -Arianny Celeste


"Me and @ in lovvveeee :D"  -Arianny Celeste


And here's Arianny's new twitter profile pic:


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