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Karo Parisyan Discusses His Comeback, Anxiety, and Medication

A very interesting video interview from with Karo Parisyan surfaced today.  Karo is returning to MMA for the first time he was quickly finished by Dennis Hallman at UFC 123 in November, when he faces Ryan Ford at MMA Live 1 on May 19th. The interviewer states that he's a friend of Karo's and has been for a while, but he asks some hard and direct questions that lead to some very interesting answers. Karo comes across as relaxed, well-spoken, and humble in the interview, where he discusses everything from his anxiety to his problems with prescription medication and how he got the fight with Ford. Check it out.

A few quotes:

"We're back to square one again. Last time I said certain stuff, oh I'm this, I'm that...I wanna make my comeback, I wanna do this, I wanna do that...obviously nothing ever happened. I was fighting demons for about three years, a lot of bad stuff in my personal life, and these demons are the ones that won't leave you alone."

"So are the demons behind you now?"

"Yeah sort of. I'm looking back and they still wanna wave at me and I'm flipping them off. At the time being I'm training, I look healthier, I'm training."

"Much more focused, realizing what my problems were, trying to get rid my problems, got rid of my problems, almost 80% of the problems I had.  This is life, you're always gonna have problems, but don't make it a problem where it's going to cost you your destiny, or it's going to be kinda like that problem that's gonna end a career or a life, you know, stay away from those problems. Other problems here and there, chicks, broads, wife, whatever...those problems can always be worked out. Problems where, you know, you're straight on against a bullet and stuff, you gotta figure out which way to go, you wanna stay away from those problems, and that's what I'm tryin to do."

"Speaking of anxiety, how are you dealing with that now?"

"I'm fine, I don't have anxiety, I feel fine.  I'm in Vegas for a week training. Before that I used to force myself to go and get in bed, just sleep and count the days until I can go home. Now I just go chill, train, etc. Everything's fine."