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Rashad Evans: Michael Bisping vs. Anderson Silva 'Would Be a Competitive Fight'

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Fighters Only talked to Rashad Evans recently on the subject of former opponent Michael "The Count" Bisping.  More specifically, how Bisping would fare in a matchup with Anderson Silva.  Rashad offered up his usual intelligent breakdown of Bisping's abilities, specifically his takedowns:

"Michael Bisping is something else, because he doesn’t really show well, but when you’re in the cage with him he absolutely is a lot better than he shows. That’s one thing I learned by fighting him. And his takedowns have gotten a lot better, I have been impressed by that - and by his transitions to those takedowns," he said.

"See its one thing to be able to hit a takedown - anybody at this level in MMA, we all know how to take someone down. But its the little things that make your takedown effective and one of the things is your transition from your punches to your takedown. "

Rashad speaks from experience, having won a close split-decision over The Count at UFC 78, which was the push Bisping needed to drop to middleweight in the first place.  Still, this is Anderson Silva we're talking about.  Evans really does think Bisping can hang with Silva though:

"Bisping has gotten really effective at that transition and that happens to be Anderson Silva’s Achilles Heel, the takedown, so it could be a completive fight. And another thing that Bisping does is, sometimes he just doesn’t care, you know? He just doesn’t care, he just goes for it. So for people to say it wouldn’t be a fight or it wouldn’t be close? I wouldn’t say that about someone like Michael Bisping.

"And I am not like some huge Bisping fan, I just think he can scrap and he is very competitive. Put him in with anyone and he will give it a competitive fight. But then Anderson is something else… put it this way, put Bisping in with Anderson and it would be interesting."

Bisping is without an opponent at the moment while Anderson will be defending his middleweight title at UFC 134 against Yushin Okami, but one or two more big wins could see The Count possibly face Anderson in the future.  Would it be a competitive fight, as Evans says?