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Diego Sanchez Donates Grapplers Quest Purse To Autism Charity

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A regular fixture of the North American UFC Fan Expos, Grapplers Quest was present promoting a series of No Gi grappling matches that featured a 'Superfight' tournament for fans in Toronto, Canada this past weekend starting on the Friday and ending on the Saturday. Among the participants of this tournament was UFC Welterweight Diego Sanchez who will take on Matt Hughes at a yet to be announced UFC event later this year.

After a close opening match against Andrew McInnes on the Friday in which Sanchez pulled off a last minute kneebar, he faced FIFTY / 50 BJJ founder Ryan Hall in the final on Saturday. Another close battle ensued with both competitors struggling from a 2-2 stalemate, Hall threatening with his trademark Inverted Heelhook from 50/50 guard until eventually he was able to get Sanchez's back taking him to a 4 point lead and winning the match on points 6-2.

Interestingly though it appears Sanchez has donated his purse to Autism and Autism Radio, as per Grapplers Quest founder Brian Cimmins:

Diego Sanchez is one of the greatest people I've ever met, not just for his beliefs and love for mma and grappling, he is also a world class philanthropist, as he impressed the entire audience donating his entire UFC Fan Expo 4-Man Purse to Autism and

Learn more about Autism and make donations at:

A great gesture and another example of the largely positive athletes that gravitate towards a career in MMA.

Grapplers Quest Fan Expo Highlight:

Sanchez vs McInnes video after the jump