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Bellator 43 Fight Card: Hawn vs. Hieron

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Join us at this Saturday night as Bellator's welterweight tournament will come to a close with judo specialist Rick Hawn facing top-ranked Jay Hieron in the finals, along with a middleweight tilt between UFC and Strikeforce veteran Joe "Diesel" Riggs and inspirational cancer survivor Bryan "The Beast" Baker.  In other action, Jose Vega will face former WEC bantamweight champion Chase Beebe, while two huge heavyweights will face off with Zak Jensen meeting Brit and UFC veteran Neil Grove.Vince Lucero (20-18) will face undefeated heavyweight Ron Sparks (6-0).

May 7th, live on MTV2 at 9pm EST from Newkirk, OK:

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Rick Hawn (11-0) vs. Jay Hieron (21-4)  - Welterweight tournament final

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Joe Riggs (34-11) vs. Bryan Baker (14-2) - Middleweight

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Jose Vega (9-4) vs. Chase Beebe (17-7) - Bantamweight

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Zak Jensen (10-6) vs. Neil Grove (10-3-1) - Heavyweight  Grove pulled out of the fight yesterday and it has been canceled. Vince Lucero vs. Ron Sparks has been put on the card in it's place.

Local Feature Fights:

Josh Tulley (1-1-1) vs. David Rickles (5-0)

George Burton (1-0) vs. John Bryant (5-4)

Mike Schatz (3-3) vs. Michael Osborn (2-3)


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