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Early UFC 129 Trending Close to One Million PPV Buys

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Heading into UFC 129 there was much debate over if the event was going to do big business in United States. While the event was doing huge business at the gate in Canada, there was concern that the event lacked the buzz needed to be a pay-per-view smash domestically. Now, Dave Meltzer is reporting some good numbers based on early trending:

The UFC Prelims on Spike this weekend did 1.5 million viewers, tied for fourth place in Prelims history. Dave will have more in the Observer but early trending numbers are putting the show slightly below 1 million buys. Of course, anything this early is tough to take too seriously.

The quote is right that no one should put too much stock in the early trending numbers. We've seen huge swings from those trending numbers to the final numbers (UFC 117 being a prime example). Still, the early indication is that this show did good business in the face of a main event between Georges St. Pierre and Jake Shields which not too many bought into as competitive.