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M-1 Challenge XXVI: 'Guram Is Coming' Trailer

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There's been a lot of debate on how M-1 promotes their cards (or the lack there of), and while a few of these criticisms are valid, I do have to say, this promo for the upcoming M-1 Challenge card looks pretty good. They also gave mention to Leland Roling's World Heavyweight Scouting Report, where he ranks Guram Gugenishvili as the number #1 heavyweight prospect.

M-1 Global Challenge 26 Coverage

Why did Leland rank him as such? -- Potential:

Gugenishvili's wrestling is by far his greatest strength. Combined with a relentless top position grappling game, brutal ground and pound, and size, it creates an overwhelming obstacle for his opponents to overcome. He also possesses a diverse arsenal of submissions, moving from one to the other to keep opponents guessing and on the defensive.

His striking is his weakest attribute. He simply doesn't have the training to be effective in that area of his game yet, but at 24 years of age -- he has plenty of time to progress those skills to a higher level.