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The Ultimate Fighter Recap: Anthony Ferguson Talks Brock Lesnar's Coaching

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Anthony Ferguson continues to share his thoughts on the goings on during his stint on this season of The Ultimate Fighter over at SB Nation MMA. While you should absolutely check out the full article every week, his take on Brock Lesnar's coaching is worth checking out. From the article:

You saw last week that Javier Torres from Team dos Santos and Chuck O'Neil from Team Lesnar were our wild card picks. From that point on, Len Bentley just bitched the entire time. I don't know what to make of his injury. He was trying to heal it, but he'd also be limping around on it and moaning, too. Right around this time he also played soccer with the other guys at Junior dos Santos' birthday party, so how bad was it? Maybe it was a day to day thing. I don't know, but I know Brock Lesnar made the right call. Chuck was healthy, a hard worker, talented and lost a close fight. Why wouldn't you bring that guy back?

Len also said coach Lesnar only coached when he was on camera. I disagree. It's hard to deny that Lesnar took a while to get warmed up to the role he was playing. But a few weeks in, Lesnar did a lot. I'd also say Marty Morgan and Erik Paulson were also fully available for help or questions. Think about this: when Len got hurt, the cameras were on him, but that was precisely the moment Lesnar was showing me and Chuck wall walking stuff. So was Lesnar only coaching when the cameras were on him? No, not true.

Go read the full piece over at SB Nation MMA.