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UFC 129 Results - Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva Loses Steam and Other Observations

Photo by Ken Pishna via <a href="" target="new">MMA Weekly</a>
Photo by Ken Pishna via MMA Weekly

Since 2009 it's been the most talked about fight where we've never had the two fighters and the promotion all on the same page. Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva is "the fight" in the eyes of most MMA fans. In the build up to Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort we were told that the fight had become a possibility as long as Silva and St. Pierre both won their fights.

Both men would pick up the needed wins, but St. Pierre's bout with Jake Shields would appear to have done more harm than good. In his post-fight recap, Mike Fagan said:

I tweeted somewhere during the second round that I had no interest in watching St. Pierre fight at 170 pounds. It looks like Zuffa might push St. Pierre into a bout with Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz, though Lorenzo Fertitta asked on Twitter whether fans were more interested in GSP vs. Diaz or GSP vs. Anderson Silva in the long sought after superfight. I think you know where I stand, reader.

Myself and the others in the room where I watched the bout all felt that the fight was close to a blowout and that Shields never really had any shot of winning the bout. But there were still enough moments where Jake Shields, he of noted terrible striking, was able to land his equivalent of "power shots" that it makes me seriously question exactly how competitive the fight would be.

Shields did manage to land a shot that left St. Pierre blind (hopefully temporarily) in one eye and from that point forward you could see GSP's stance square up to improve his vision. That was a pretty bad combination of circumstances that allowed Shields more success than he likely would have had otherwise but I still saw a pretty clear 50-45 score for St. Pierre.

But again, Jake Shields was able to get through five rounds on the feet with GSP and even have some moments of his own. I can't help but feel that the much more dangerous and much larger Anderson Silva would put the St. Pierre we saw last night to sleep.

Other Thoughts:

- Joe Rogan did a terrible job of calling the Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick. If you were only listening to the commentary you would have thought that Hominick was dominating the stand-up from round two onward (other than when Mark would get dropped). Round two was a very good one for Hominick as Aldo looked to be tiring and was having a much harder time pulling the trigger. But he regrouped between rounds and was taking the fight back over in the third and fourth but Rogan seemed unable to shift gears from the "Hominick taking over" story he was telling in round 2.

- Speaking of Mark Hominick, he got inducted into the Hasim Rahman hall of fame. Unfortunately he just gets to be in the Giant Hematoma wing and not the Huge Upset Over Dominant Champion wing. 

- Round one of Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida was very hard to watch. Couture was surviving but it really felt like it was a countdown to the inevitable. Of course, I didn't think the inevitable would be a crane kick. It's a shame to see the career of a legend come to a close with him knocked out, but Couture has nothing to be ashamed of as far as his career.

- Did anyone else pull off a "If you guys really want to go out for a smoke break, this is probably the one fight where you'll want to do it" before Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Jason Brilz? Yeah, that was wrong.


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