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UFC 129 Results: Georges St. Pierre Slips Past Jake Shields

Photo by Ken Pishna via <a href="">MMA Weekly</a>
Photo by Ken Pishna via MMA Weekly

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre dominated Jake Shields but never really hurt him as he took a unanimous decision (50-45, 48-47x2) at UFC 129.

Jake Shields was the first to throw in the opening round and when GSP countered with a leg kick, Shields caught it and fought hard for a single leg take down. It took GSP's utmost to stay standing. GSP went for a pair of spinning back kicks. He landed with a front leg side kick before sending Shields flying with a hard jab. Shields got back up quickly but ate another hard jab. GSP fired some wild hooks in the waning seconds. 

They traded to open the second with GSP coming out ahead. Leg kicks began to add up for GSP then he started looking for the jab and the looping right hand. He landed with the right after a few attempts. Lead hand superman punch backed Shields into the fence. GSP landed a spinning back kick to the body then fended off a clinch. GSP landed a combo then spun away. Shields finally landed one of his awkward kicks to the body then clinched again. GSP missed with a spinning kick, fired the overhand right then spun and Shields almost caught his leg. GSP ended the round pumping jabs.

Shields came out aggressive in the fourth before GSP took him down. But he just as quickly let him back up. Shields came out ok in a few exchanges then went for a clinch that GSP shrugged off. GSP landed some cracking jabs. Shields pushed forward in the third but GSP pushed him away and landed sharp jabs. GSP landed the overhand right. Shields tried for the clinch only to be shucked off.  Shields shot in from way outside and just looked foolish. GSP landed a short left. GSP continued to hunt for the looping overhand right. He also continued to show the spinning back kick. Then GSP caught a kick and flung Shields to the ground. GSP was touching his left eye as the round ended. GSP continued to wing the overhand. Shields came in and GSP caught him with a kick to the head. Shields staggered to his back then attacked GSP's leg for a take down but nothing doing. Shields began to taunt GSP after bloodying his nose. GSP tried the spinning back kick again. GSP landed the overhand right. GSP didn't look that great after the round -- bleeding from the nose and dealing with a swollen left eye.

Shields came forward to start the final round. GSP landed a few lefts then threw a high kick before landing a hard jab. GSP missed then landed with the overhand right. Shields charged in and GSP staggered him with a straight 1-2. Another overhand right. GSP looked terrible, bleeding and bruised.  Shields landed a jab. Then another as he traded fairly evenly with the champ. GSP tried the winging overhand right and the spinning back kick again. GSP bullrushed for an unsuccessful shot to end the fight. 

GSP brought an eight fight winning streak into the bout. He hadn't lost a round since his bout with Josh Koscheck in 2008.

Shields hadn't lost since 2004 and brought a 15 fight win streak into the title fight.


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