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Bellator 40 Live Play-by-Play and Results

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As with every major show, Bloody Elbow will be here to bring you live results and commentary for Bellator 40. Our live blog will start with the beginning of the MTV2 broadcast (9 p.m. ET) so be sure to make Bloody Elbow your home for this event.    

I will be posting live play-by-play and results here as well as at my usual home, Gals Guide to MMA

Tonights fights include a welterweight semifinal fight between Jay Hieron and Brent Weedman, a lightweight semifinal between Lloyd Woodard and Michael Chandler, and a non-title super fight featuring welterweight champ Ben Askren taking on Nick Thompson.  The winner of Hieron-Weedman will go on to meet Rick Hawn in the ww tournament final, and the winner of Woodard-Chandler will face Patricky Freire in the lightweight final. 

Quick results:
Ben Askren def. Nick Thompson via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Jay Hieron def. Brent Weedman via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Michael Chandler def. Lloyd Woodard via unanimous (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Bellator 40 coverage

And we're live!


Lloyd Woodard vs. Michael Chandler

Round 1 - Chandler opens up swinging like crazy.  Woodard gets him with a knee to the face, but Chandler throws him and slams him to the canvas.  Chandler now with some ground and pound, then Woodard gets up.  Chandler throws him down again, and is trying to pass but Woodard is keeping him tied up really well.  Woodard gets up again.  They're back to striking, and Chandler goes for a single.  He finally gets it and moves to half guard easily.  Chandler can't pass, and Woodard gets up.  Chandler swings, then goes for another takedown and gets it.  That's the round.  10-9 Chandler.

Round 2 - Chandler comes out a little slower here, and Woodard is just backing up.  Woodard finally starts landing a couple of shots, and then Chandler shoots.  Woodard gets him with a good knee, and they're standing again.  Chandler gets a takedown, but he's not nearly as active on the ground this round.  He's controlling but that's about it.  Woodard manages to stand but Chandler is still holding on.  Woodard gets loose and lands an uppercut.  Chandler takes him down again.  Woodard is going for a kimura and sweeps Chandler with it.  Now he has Chandler's back.  Chandler is turning and going for a single, but Woodard is still on him.  Woodard has both hooks in and Chandler can't shake him.  Woodard goes for the rnc but can't sink it.  And the round ends... tough one.  I'd say 10-9 Woodard.

Round 3 - Woodard is landing leg kicks, but Chandler rocks him with a bit with a punch.  Chandler clinches Woodard on the cage going for a takedown, and finally gets it but Woodard is back up.  Chandler picks him up and slams him.  Chandler is throwing more shots on the ground now, and both fighters look tired.  Finally the ref stands them up.  Woodard goes for a head kick, and Chandler takes him down.  Woodard almost takes Chandler's back but can't get it.  They're back on the ground.  Chandler doing a great job of smothering and occasionally punching on the ground.   That's the fight.  I'd give it to Chandler, 29-28.

Michael Chandler def. Lloyd Woodard by unanimous decision, 29-28.

Josh Burns vs. Eric Prindle

Round 1 - They opens with some heavy strikes.  Oof.. low blow early on.  Prindle caught Burns with an accidental kick.  And they're back.  Prindle catches Burns and staggers him, but he's back up quick.  Burns lands some heavy shots but Prindle comes right back with better ones.  Burns is looking beat up now.  Prindle mixes it up some with a leg kick, then follows up with hard shots.  Burns is bleeding.  He is landing punches, but not as many or as accurate as Prindle.  Burns looks tired, but staggers Prindle with a left.  They clinch, and Prindle lands a great knee.  Burns comes forward with strikes and drives Prindle back.  They swing wild at the end of the round.  I call that one for Prindle 10-9, but it was close.

Round 2 -  Prindle lands another low blow on Burns right away, and loses a point for it.   They're back at it now.  Burns is coming forward again, and presses Prindle against the cage briefly.  Prindle lands some good kicks.  Now some really sloppy boxing, and Burns goes for a takedown but can't get it.  Prindle catches him with a right as Burns stands up, and Burns answers with a combo that rocks Prindle.  He goes for another takedow, but Prindle shrugs it off.  Now Prindle is catching Burns with jab after jab, almost at will.  Burns rallies with a good shot, then goes for another takedown he can't get.  Burns is tired, and is letting Prindle hit him.  Burns does come back for a second but then goes back to standing and letting Prindle hit him.  End of the round, even with the point taken, that could be 10-9 Prindle.  Nope, the doc is stopping it now.  Eric Prindle def. Josh Burns by TKO (doctor stoppage), 5:00 of round 2.


Jay Hieron vs. Brent Weedman

Round 1 - Weedman lands a punch that knocks Hieron down early, and is in half guard.  He gets full mount quickly.  Now he has Hieron's back, but Hieron turns ans is trying for a d'arce.  Weedman is doing his best to get out but is caught pretty well.  Hieron lets the choke go, then moves into Weedman's guard.  Weedman tries to get up but Hieron isn't letting go.  Weedman back to full guard.  Both guys are throwing on the ground.  Weedman catches Hieron with an upkick, then they're on their feet.  Hieron clinches Weedman on the cage, and the round is over.  10-9 Hieron.

Round 2 - They trade a bit, clinch on the cage, then Weedman throws a couple of shots that just miss.  Lots of throwing, not much connecting so far this round.  Hieron gets in a decent uppercut, Weedman gets in a few hard knees in the clinch.  More strikes traded, but nothing solid is landing.  Weedman gets in a good leg kick, then Hieron comes in with a combo that moves Weedman back but doesn't land all that well.  Weedman catches Hieron's leg again.  That's the round... I think 10-9 Weedman just for moving forward.

Round 3 - Hieron opens up with a good combo.  Weedman continues to move forward, then Hieron comes in with a takedown attempt.  Weedman goes for a guillotine but can't get it.  Weedman is working Hieron's leg with kicks.  Hieron is still backing up constantly.  He lands a flurry but Weedman still moves in.  Hieron catches Weedman with a left and he stumbles, but is back up quick.  Weedman with another leg kick and Hieron goes down.  Weedman is trying to take Hieron's back, but Hieron turns and Weedman ends up in side control, then full mount.  It's awfully high, though.  Hieron escapes and moves to Weedman's guard.  But the fight is over.  I give it to Weedman, 29-28.

Oh wow... Jay Hieron def Brent Weedman via unanimous decision, 29-28.

Ben Askren vs. Nick Thompson

Round 1 - Askren opens up with a spinning backfist that glances.  He throws a kick that Thompson catches, they end up on the ground and Askren is on top.  He's in side control and lands a couple of elbows.  Askren drives several knees into Thompson's side, then moves to half guard.  Thompson is going for a leg lock but Askren gets out easily.  Back to side control for Askren, and more knees to Thompson's ribs.  Askren is warned about blows to the back of the head.  Askren with more elbows to Thompson's head.  They're busy on the ground, but Thompson can't shake Askren off of him.  Thompson gets up and Askren gets him back down.  End of the round.  10-9 Askren.  Who's surprised?

Round 2 - Askren shoots, and gets the takedown.  And we're back on the ground with Askren on top.  Askren lands a couple of actually nasty punches, and Thompson tries for a leg lock.  Askren takes his back and almost gets a rear naked, but lets it go.  Thompson ends up on top briefly.  Then back to Askren in half guard.  Thompson is still moving on the ground, but Askren is staying on him.  Askren in side control and landing knees to the ribs again.  End of the round.  10-9 Askren.

Round 3 - Askren with a glancing spinning backfist.  Thompson lands a couple of little shots before Askren shoots.  Side control, knees to ribs.  He does land some decent gnp for a second.  Thompson is still active on the ground, but can't shake Askren.  More of the same.  Fight's over.  Askren took it, the only question is if anyone gave a 10-8 round.

Ben Askren def. Nick Thompson via unanimous decision.