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Bad Boy Presents Bloody Elbow Radio: Weekend Preview From MFC 29 Weigh-In

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WINDSOR, Ontario — Bloody Elbow Radio, presented by Bad Boy, took the show on the road for the first time Thursday, crossing international borders and heading to Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino, the site of Friday's MFC 29: Conquer, for a live edition of the show following the MFC weigh-in.

Matt Bishop was live on the scene in Windsor and was joined by Forrest Lynn and Brent Brookhouse as we previewed the weekend in mixed martial arts, including Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley, MFC 29 and Bellator 40.

To preview MFC 29, we were joined by the following guests live and in person:

  • MFC owner Mark Pavelich (8:30 mark)
  • MFC welterweight title challenger Terry Martin (48:00 mark)
  • Lightweight Marcus Davis (1:08:00 mark)
  • Lightweight Hermes Franca (1:22:30 mark)
  • MFC light-heavyweight champion Ryan Jimmo (1:33:50 mark)
You do not want to miss these interviews, especially the interviews with Pavelich and Jimmo, which were both highly entertaining. You don't want to miss Pavelich commenting on his promotion's first endeavor into Ontario, having to switch to a cage for this show, his thoughts on failed MMA promoters and much more.

Davis discussed his intense staredown with Curtis Demarce:
"He was really disrespectful. I came up, I'm a professional and he just started talking smack. I got up there and he said, 'I'm gonna knock you out. I trained too hard for this. This is my fight and I'm gonna take it away from you.' And I said, 'You've trained too hard for this? You've had three weeks to train for me. You're getting knocked out.' That's all I said back to him. He was a disrespectful punk, so I was gonna go out there and put on a show but now I'm just gonna go out there and knock this kid out."
With Jimmo, we discussed his title defense against Zak Cummings, plus stories of his title belt, how he's insecure about his skills, his long winning streak, tips for being a better breakdancer and doing the robot ("You're not getting laid when you're doing the robot. It's not a good mating dance, trust me!"), plus a funny moment at the end.

Bloody Elbow Radio returns to the air immediately following the conclusion of Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley to review the show.

Don't forget, Bloody Elbow Radio is sponsored by Bad Boy. Bad Boy, the 2010 World MMA Awards winner for "Best Technical Clothing Brand," can be found at BadBoyMMA.comFollow them on Twitter and Facebook and tell them Bloody Elbow sent you.

Or you can stream the show via our embeddable player: