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UFC 129 Results: Ben Henderson Whips Up On Mark Bocek

Photo by Ken Pishna via <a href="">MMA Weekly</a>.
Photo by Ken Pishna via MMA Weekly.

Ben Henderson took a unanimous decision win over Mark Bocek at UFC 129: St. Pierre vs Shields.

Bocek quickly forced a clinch but Henderson was able to reverse and force him against the cage. Henderson landed some sharp knees. They swapped positions against the cage a few times before a ref restart. Bocek landed right hand and quickly forced a clinch. Henderson reversed position and landed a sharp standing elbow. Henderson came away ahead after an exchange of leg kicks. Bocek ate some punches to go after a single leg take down before finally landing a big trip. Henderson backed up against the cage but Bocek turned him sideways. Henderson got butterly guard but Bocek got free of it. Bocek drug the fight back to the center of the cage but Henderson landed some sharp elbows from the bottom. 

Henderson charged in behind a 1-2 but Bocek quickly shot in for a take down. Henderson reversed position again and kneed Bocek hard in the face. Henderson landed a sharp leg kick after a 1-2. Henderson shot in and Bocek pulled guard. He went for a triangle, an omplata and then a leg lock in short order. Henderson fired away to Bocek's face. Henderson fought free and landed a knee to the body. Bocek got a front headock and went for a head drag take down. Bocek attacked with an anaconda choke but Henderson fought it off before Bocek switched to a guillotine. Henderson then blitzed him with standing knees. 

Bocek got Henderson down early in the third round. Bocek went for a choke in a scramble and Henderson reversed and landed some brutal punches from the top. Bocek then attacked Henderson's leg and used it to get a take down. He then climbed onto Henderson's back but Henderson fought free. Bocek went for a trip and got stuffed. Henderson kneed Bocek then went for a trip take down of his own. Bocek backed away and Henderson got the Thai plum and landed brutal knees to Bocek's face and body. Bocek then shot in for a double leg, passed to half guard and moved to a front headlock but Henderson got free and ended the fight with a flurry of punches. 

Bocek ceme into this bout 5-3 in the UFC with his most recent win coming off a triangle choke over Dustin Hazelett at UFC 124 in Montreal.

Henderson is a former WEC lightweight champ with wins over Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone. He lost the title to Anthony Pettis at WEC 53, the final WEC card before the merger with the UFC.

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