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UFC 129 Results: Rory MacDonald Ragdolls Nate Diaz

Photo by Ken Pishna via <a href="">MMA Weekly</a>
Photo by Ken Pishna via MMA Weekly

Young Canadian Rory MacDonald suplexed Nate Diaz repeatedly to cruise to a dominant unanimous decision (30-26x2, 30-27) win at UFC 129: St. Pierre vs Shields.

MacDonald scored early and dominated the early stages of the round. Diaz forced a clinch but ate some shots on the break. MacDonald landed a sharp superman punch. MacDonald nearly got a nifty trip but Diaz sprang right back up. MacDonald seemed to control the initiative throughout the first round.

MacDonald used a nice wrestling switch to take control of an early clinch. Then he pressed forward after they separated. Diaz forced a clinch but ended up pressed into the cage. Diaz reacted to a nice trip by pulling guard. Diaz got back up after enduring some hard shots from the standing MacDonald. Then MacDonald took him down with a nice knee tap and ended up back in Diaz' guard. MacDonald backed away and let Diaz stand back up. Diaz caught him with a straight left. They clinched and Diaz landed a few punches but MacDonald ended the exchange with a sharp uppercut. Diaz connected. Then they went back to wrestling in a standing clinch. Diaz tried a nice trip but MacDonald sprang up. MacDonald landed a combination that Diaz answered. MacDonald ended the round with some sharp punch-kick combos.

Diaz went for a leg lock and took some hard shots early in the third. Then MacDonald slammed him hard not once but twice. Diaz tried for another leg attack and ate more hard shots before being brutally slammed again. Diaz fought his way back to a clinch position but MacDonald got a double leg to put him on his back again. A sharp elbow cut Diaz badly. 

Diaz is the younger brother of Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz. He is the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 5.  Diaz went 5-3 as a lightweight in the UFC before jumping to welterweight where he racked up 2 wins and a loss prior to tonight's bout.

MacDonald came into the fight off his first career loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 125. He won the first two rounds of that fight before allowing Condit to rally and get the TKO stoppage with just 0:07 left in the fight. 

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