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Sport Science: Georges St. Pierre's Punching Power - 2859 Lbs of Force

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UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre makes the trek to the Sport Science lab to see if he has what it takes to beat Jake Shields in the Octagon. St. Pierre showed off his stamina and punches to ESPN Sport Science's John Brenkus where he tested St. Pierre's power and speed.
- Stamina: When most fighters hit their ceiling (maximum), GSP is at 85% of his max
- Georges St. Pierre's punch registers at 2859 lbs of force
- Georges St. Pierre's kick registers at 3477 lbs of force
- Georges St. Pierre's punch/kick combo registers at 6000+ lbs of force in under 1 second
- Speed: Georges St. Pierre's takedown generates 2400 watts of power in 1.17 second (on par with Rashad Evans)
- Georges St. Pierre's superman punch moves at 15 feet/second (twice as fast as his normal punch)
To compare: Cain Velasquez's punch is 2230 lbs of force, Rampage Jackson's punch is 1800 lbs of force and Shogun Rua's kick is 2749 lbs of force.