Three questions for any of you who do not favor female fighters in the UFC

*Note* I consider myself a fan of female fighters as I'm a fan of male fighters. I have probably seen 100-200 female fights, which is nowhere near the easy 1,000+ male fights I have seen.

I ask that anyone who reads this to please be an adult, open their mind to new information, and be open to changing their opinion if that new information deems it fit. It's just three questions. You can do this.

1. How many female fights have you watched outside of Strikeforce/Elite XC?

A common misconception is that Strikeforce has the best women mixed martial artists in the world, when in reality, they simply have the #1 145 lber and 135 lber in the world. They only have half of the biggest divisions, and 1/3 of the commonly recognized divisions. They don't have even half the best fighters in the two divisions on the roster. They basically have a revolving door for contenders to the belts, and sadly for Cyborg that revolving door has not been top 145ers aside from Carano. Its an environment where that top contender/champion has to fight elsewhere when they lose. Sprinkle in a non title female fight every 6 months to keep appearances up.

If your knowledge of female mma is based on Strikeforce/Elite XC, its like having your knowledge of mens mma based off of Bellator. Think about it. Broaden your perspective. You deserve it.

2. How many female fights have your seen? No seriously, think and give me a number.... ... got it?

The fact that you have a number shows that you haven't seen enough women's fights to form an educated opinion. Seriously. Think about it. How many fights do you see in a UFC PPV? At least 7 with the prelims. Now, how do you feel when someone who has never seen an MMA bout comes in and watches one card. Or maybe two. Maybe even three! And starts to give you their uneducated criticisms of the sport. Man, they get so sure of themselves and are just so ignorant, right?

Remember how many female fights you said you had seen? If its under 21, then you haven't even seen three "UFC cards". You're officially THAT GUY mentioned above.

3. I'm going to take 30 seconds and just list some female fighters. Shayna Baszler, Shayna Olsen, Erin Toughill, Cat Zingano, Hitomi Akano, Megumii Fujii, Jessica Aguilar, Rosi Sexton, Zoila Frausto, Meisha Tate, Tara Larosa, Carina Damm, Roxanne Modafferi, Sarah Kaufman Marloes Coenen, Kelly Kobold, Amanda Nunes, Takayo Hashi, Miku Matsumoto, Rin Nakai, Yuka Tsuji, Ayaka Hamasaki, MArianna Keyfehtm Gina Carano, Cris Cyborg, Jessica Pene, Aisling Daly, Jennifer Howe... I'm not sure if that was exactly 60 seconds, I just named names non stop for a lil while.

Now how many of those girls have you seen fight more than once?

Imagine if you took a moment to just name a bunch of male fighters. Then you asked the guy next to you (who is giving his criticisms on how MMA fighters aren't skilled) how many of the fighters you had just named has he seen fight more than once. Imagine if he answered the same number as what you answered to my little female fighter list. You'd think the guy next to you doesn't know what he is talking about, and you'd be right.

That is all.

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