The Greatness of Jens Pulver

I was surprised to see Jens Pulvers name come up as one of the worst UFC champions so I figured I would take a look at his career. I have always been a Jens Pulver fan, he was exciting and seemed like a nice guy.

Jens "Little Evil" Pulver was introduced to the MMA world at Bas Ruttens 2nd invatiotanal. He won his first fight vs Curtis Hill in 3 minutes and then lost to David Harris in the finals via toe hold at 11 minute mark.

Pulver go's back to the 3rd Rutten invatational and chokes out Ray Morales in 50 seconds. Setting up his first victory over a name opponent in the MMA world. Jens Pulver knocks out a young Joe Stevenseon in only 38 seconds to win the 1999 tournament.

Jens Pulver is 3-1 and the UFC offers him a fight at UFC 22 against Alfonso Alcarez. It was a 2  round fight that went to a deserving draw, who would have though Pulver would go on the tear he was about to go on. It is the end of 1999, Pulvers first year in MMA and he is 3-1-1

He starts 2000 with a 40 second knockout of Phil Johns. Pulver is then called back for UFC 24, he stops David Velazques in the 2nd round to earn his first UFC victory. Pulver then KOs Eric Hibler and decisions Joao Roque at UFC 26 via decision. Roque was a tough fighter that doesnt get mentioned hardly ever.

Pulver signs to fight Din Thomas at WEF, and gets in trouble on the ground, he is heel hooked in the 2nd round and know. Pulver is 7-2-1. Pulver comes back and knocks a nobody out in Gladiators.

Pulver than heads back to UFC for UFC 28 against John Lewis. Its the fight youve all seen. the one where Pulver knocks a guy naked in 15 seconds with that left hand. This fight made everyone admit Pulvers left from the southpaw stance was scary. Pulver went 6-1 on 2000.

At UFC 30 (the first UFC under Dana White and Zuffa) Jens Pulver was set to face Caol Uno, who was really recognized as the Lightweight champion for beating Remina Sato in his previous fight. This was for the Lightweight Title, Uno was the huge favorite. What ended up happening was Jens Pulver controlling a good fight and he got the unanimous decision he deserved. This threw a wrench in Zuffa's plans big time, they were banking on Uno being a huge star. None the less, Pulver was know recognized as the bestLightweight in the world.

Pulver then defends his title at UFC 33 and wins another unanimous decision this time over Dennis Hallman who was riding a 7-0 run including a armbar over Matt Hughes. It wasnt a very close fight with Pulver winning another deserved decision.

Next up was BJ Penn at UFC 35.Pulver was a huge underdog and Penn was all but penciled in as the new champion.  In a controversial fight, Pulver got the decision and I agree wtih it. He took Penn into the deep waters and took over the fight. If you have seen this fight feel free to let me know what you think, I thought Pulver did more than BJ to win the fight. Just my opinion though. Either way.

Jens Pulver is 12-2-1. It is 2002 and he wont fight in the UFC for 4 years. Pulver go's undefeated in 2002 adding wins over Emerson and Takaharma after the BJ fight. During this time Jens has been on a 7 fight win streak over the past 2 years. After beating Caol Uno he had 4 defenses of his title (2 in UFC). Then it happens, Duane Ludwig knocks out Jens Pulver in 1 minute. Ludwig went on to lose the "legit" title to BJ Penn so it all worked out.To make matters worse Pulver has another loss to Jason Maxwell.

Pulver gets back on the winning track though later that year with a knockout of Joe Jordan and a submission over Richard Hess to end 2003 going 2-2. Pulver is know 14-4-1. Pulver than goes to Shooto and gets a win over Naoyo Uematso via knockout and does the same in Shooto later that year knocking out Stephen Palling. Pulver is 16-4-1.

Pride ShockWave 2004 - Pulver is facing Takanari Gomi at the height of Gomi's career. In a great Pride battle that saw both fighters land big punches Gomi stops Pulver after 6 minutes. Pulver then gets back on the winning track at Pride 7 by knocking Tomomi Iwama in 1 minute.

Pride Bushido 9 see's Pulver lose again, this time to Hayato Sukari, in another good stand up war Pulver falls just short. After 8 fierce minutes Pulver is knocked out. Pulver is 17-6-1 and he is noticably not the same fighter that he was in 2000 (it is know 2005).

Still, Pulver wins at Pride 10 over Kenj Arai via soccer kick knockout. It is Pulvers last fight in Pride. Pulver than has another 50 second knockout in IFL before making a homecoming return to the UFC. It came to late but none the less it came. Pulver is 21-6-1.

UFC 63 was supposed to be Jens Pulver's comeback to the UFC, instead it was a horrible night in which Joe Lauzon knocked Little Evil out in impressive fashion. Next up was BJ and Jens highly anticipated rematch and it wasnt even close. It was sad to watch because it was obvious how far Pulver had slid. He is know 21-8-1

Later that year (2007) Jens Pulver recorded the last credible win of his MMA career over Cub Swanson via sick guillotine 30 seconds into the fight. Pulver losses 6 fights straight after this and recently is on a 2 fight win streak.Still he fought top competition during his 0-6 run against the likes of Urijah Faber (twice), Leonard Garcia, Josh Grispi, and most recently Javier Vazquez.

Jens Pulver's record stands at 24-14-1, he was still one  the top lightweights of all time in my opinion when in top form and was capable of beating any lightweight on any given night. Not to mention he was a nice honest guy.

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