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MMA World Cup: Can Aldo Win Gold in Featherweight Finals?

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Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes both won one-sided contests in the semi-finals to advance. That sets up an intriguing bout for the bronze as Hioki and Hominick will do battle for the third time for the honor of advancing to the medal stand.

Gold Medal Match:

1. Jose Aldo vs. 3. Chad Mendes

My Take: There's nothing to make me believe that Aldo can fend of Mendes's takedowns for five rounds. Better men than Aldo have look surprisingly human the first time they looked an American wrestler in the eye.

Bronze Medal Match:

2. Hatsu Hioki vs. 4. Mark Hominick

My Take: The Sherdog Fight Finder will tell you Hominick has lost to Hioki twice. What it won't tell you is that it looked to many like he had won the second bout - only to be denied by the judges. This should be a great fight, but the third time is the charm for the Canadian.

  1. Brazil: Jose Aldo
  2. Asia/AUS: Hatsu Hioki
  3. USA: Chad Mendes
  4. Canada: Mark Hominick
  5. CIS/Assorted: Deividas Taurosevicius
  6. Europe: Joachim Hansen

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