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The MMA World Cup: Featherweight Semi-Finals

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Veteran Joachim "Hellboy Hansen couldn't overcome the wrestling prowess of Team Alpha Male's Chad Mendes in the opening round and Mark Hominick barely broke a sweat taking out Deividas Taurovicius. That leaves the four favorites intact as they battle for a spot in the finals.

1. Jose Aldo vs. 4. Mark Hominick

My Take: Hey, a fight that is actually going to happen. I guess this doubles as a fight prediction for UFC 129? I may be out on a limb here, but I think Hominick is the best fighter Aldo has ever been in the cage with. His fluid striking and submission skills have been tested against the world's best in the Octagon, not against guys who fought most of their careers against opponents completely off the radar. I'm with Hominick.

2. Hatsu Hioki vs. 3. Chad Mendes

My Take: Hioki is for real. He's beaten Hominick twice and recently upset Marlon Sandro to win the Sengoku Featherweight title. It would be really cool if the gold medal was decided in a third bout between "The Iron Broom" and "The Machine." But Mendes has the tools to beat anyone - and it's going to be hard for Hioki to keep the wrestler at bay. I like Mendes here, but hate myself for it.

  1. Brazil: Jose Aldo
  2. Asia/AUS: Hatsu Hioki
  3. USA: Chad Mendes
  4. Canada: Mark Hominick
  5. CIS/Assorted: Deividas Taurosevicius
  6. Europe: Joachim Hansen

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