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MMA World Cup: Welterweight Elimination Round

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Since Matt Hughes first ascended the pound for pound throne, this has been MMA's most important and competitive division. Hughes gave way to the great Georges St. Pierre. Seemingly unbeatable, is there any doubt GSP walks away with gold? As we learned in 1980, miracles can happen. Let's see if one does here. The list:

  1. Canada: Georges St. Pierre
  2. USA: Jon Fitch
  3. Brazil: Thiago Alves
  4. Europe: Paul Daley
  5. Asia/AUS: Dong Hyun Kim
  6. CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States): Marius Zaromskis

GSP and Fitch get a bye, leaving these four fighters. Apparently it was insensitive to use the name "Soviet" in a funny loving exercise like this, what with all the killing and such. We've replaced it with the CIS which is essentially the same thing.

3. Thiago Alves vs. 6. Marius Zaromskis

My Take: This is actually a really good matchup. I think Alves is the better striker and think he'd knock Zaromskis out in the first round. But Team Marius is probably pretty excited about this fight. At least he's not fighting GSP!

4. Paul Daley vs. 5. Dong Hyun Kim

My Take: Daley is getting laid on here. So hard.

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