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Rashad Evans Questions Integrity of Jon Jones: "I Don't Need Weak, Fake Friends"

Jones and Evans in happier times, photo via Getty Images
Jones and Evans in happier times, photo via Getty Images
Former UFC light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans will get his next shot at the title in the fall against his former training partner Jon Jones. But fans can rest easy knowing that the wait will be filled with cross-talk from both fighters trashing their former friend and teammate. Evans takes the latest broadside, blasting Jones and coach Greg Jackson at length on Pro MMA Radio (audio) [translated by MMA Mania]
"I told Greg (Jackson) no (about Jon Jones joining Jackson's MMA) and Greg went to Phil Nurse and talked to him about it and tried to convince Phil to convince me to let him on the team. (Greg told Chris Luttrell he wanted) Jones because he's the wave of the future."

"I didn't want (Jones) on the team and I didn't feel comfortable with him on the team. Greg was really hard-headed about it. Greg said we'd never fight and we were brothers. I trusted Greg with my life so I finally said 'to hell with it.'"

"I don't want people to feel sorry for me. It wasn't about him being on the team. What's done is done. The thing that upsets me about Jon is how he threw me under the bus because he said he'd fight me after all that time we said we wouldn't fight each other. It was a snake move and I don't like snake moves. Be a man."

"(Jon Jones) gets beat in practice. He gets beat up just like anybody else, just like any other fighter. I'd never take away his talent, but when it comes to acting with integrity. It pisses me off beyond belief."

"Jon is always trying to say the right things and be perceived a certain way. Just keep it real. Now I know what time it is. Now I know that you would fight me. You must have been thinking of this for a long time. You must have been keeping score, taking notes during training for a long time."

"When you see people's true colors, what more do you need to see? I want real friends. I don't want friends who are only circumstantial. I don't need weak, fake friends."