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UFC 129 Video: Georges St. Pierre Incorporates Gymnastics Workouts Into His Training

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Welterweight kingpin, Georges St. Pierre released a few training videos of him preparing for his UFC 129 bout against Jake Shields. He has his footage of him sharpening his boxing with Freddie Roach, and he has sparring videos as well, but what makes this a bit more interesting is that it shows the champ incorporating a few gymnastics workouts in his training regimen. Watch him use the gymnastics rings:

After the jump, more footage from Georges St. Pierre's UFC 129 training camp.


St. Pierre commented via his twitter page:

Sorry I have been very busy for a while training for Shields fight and I didn’t go online.. I am putting up videos so you can see me train.

On these two videos you could see him working on parallel bar techniques:

Sparring footage from the Tri Star Gym in Montreal:

Hitting the mitts with Firas Zahabi:

videos via OfficialGSP

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Win Josh Koscheck - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 124
Win Dan Hardy - Decision (Unanimous) UFC 111
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Jake Shields (26-4-1) +363
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