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Bellator 41 Results: The Tragic Second Round Between Joe Warren and Marcos Galvao

I scored last night's Bellator main event between featherweight champ Joe Warren and Marcos Galvao 29-28 for Warren, with Galvao winning round two. To be fair, it can be difficult to score rounds, especially ones with a lot of action, while simultaneously live blogging the fight. In retrospect, I score both of the first two rounds for Galvao, and award him the 29-28 decision.

Either way, the first round was close, and while not the optimal score, I can at least understand a 29-28 card for Warren.

I cannot, however, fathom the 30-27 card turned in by Chuck Wolf. Let's take a look at my description of last night's second round:

Round 2 - Big knee from Galvao. He follows with another. Warren comes in with two wild hooks that miss. Warren and Galvao trade knees in the midsection. Nice right uppercut from Galvao. Clinch now. Punches to the midsection from Warren. Nice knee from Warren. Galvao keeping Warren at bay with a jab. Another big jumping knee from Galvao. Galvao looks stronger than Warren so far. Nice right hand from Galvao. Warren responds with punches[, and] clinches. Warren is unable to get Galvao down to the mat. Multiple failed takedowns thus far. Both guys slowing down. A minute left in the round. Big knee from Galvao as Warren steps in. Warren finally finishes a takedown, but Galvao maintains guard. Warren punching Galvao's thighs. Pretty good left hand.

SB Nation scores the round 10-9 for Marcos Galvao.

All three members of Sherdog's staff scored the round for Galvao. Brian Hemminger at MMA Mania scored it for Galvao. As did Jackie Maden at Gal's Guide to MMA. And Bloody Elbow's own Leland Roling. (As an aside, it's worth noting that MMA Weekly, MMA Fighting, and MMA Junkie didn't find last night's show worth live coverage. I mention that as a comment on Bellator, and not pointing out any sort of Zuffa-bias.)

What did Wolf see differently from the Internet contingent and his two comrades cageside?