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Bellator 41 Live Commentary and Results

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Bellator41_medium_mediumJoin us on Saturday, April 16 for Bellator 41, airing live on MTV2 at 9 p.m. ET from the Cocopah Resort and Casino in Yuma, Arizona. The event will feature the semifinal round of the Bellator season four featherweight tournament, pitting Patricio Freire against Wilson Reis while Daniel Straus battles Kenny Foster. In a non-title affair, Bellator bantamweight belt holder Zach Makovsky will square off against undefeated Texas-native Chad Robichaux. Bellator featherweight champion Joe Warren will also be featured in a non-title affair as he battles WEC and Shooto veteran Marcos Galvao in the main event of the evening.

For in-depth coverage of Bellator 41, check out the SBN coverage page, chalk full of previews, predictions, a great recap of an interview with Chad Robichaux on radio, and video of the weigh-ins. As always, we'll provide you with live, play-by-play coverage of Bellator 41 at 9 p.m. ET

Joe Warren def. Marcos Galvao via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Patricio Freire def. Wilson Reis via TKO at 3:29 of Round 3.
Zach Makovsky def. Chad Robichaux via TKO at 2:02: of Round 3.
Daniel Straus def. Kenny Foster via submission (guillotine choke) at 3:48 of Round 3.

Play by play and results after the fold...

CatchweightJoe Warren vs. Marcos Galvao

Round 1: Warren presses to the fence early, gaining the clinch and trying to take down Galvao. Galvao falls on Warren, gets the back, and starts teeing off on Warren. Warren blocks the shots and rolls over. Galvao can't keep Warren stable in the position, and Warren spins out. They scramble back to the feet. Both men struggling to maintain the dominant position in the clinch. Galvao is visibly bigger, moving around Warren. Warren attempts to dump Galvao, but Galvao once again topples on top of Warren. Galvao tries to slip the hooks in, but Warren defends. Back to the feet, Galvao lands a solid knee. Warren in the clinch again, eating knees, attempts to throw Galvao. Galvao uses the fence to stop the spin and topple Warren. Warren relentlessly regains his feet, presses once again. Galvao topples Warren again... and Warren gets back to his feet. The cycle continues. Warren finally separates with 1:30 left in the round. Warren lunges in, lands a nice straight right, then strangles Galvao's waist. Galvao defends. Warren backs off, then comes forward with strikes. Everything misses. Warren is visibly slower now with 20 seconds left. He presses forward with strikes, misses, but dumps Galvao at the end of the round. scores it Marcos Galvao 10-9.

Round 2: Warren taking some damage early from Galvao, eating a few knees and blows. Galvao is attempting to counter Warren's rushes with knees. Galvao is getting tired, and we all know that Warren will be relentless to the end. Galvao landing some nice lefts and rights, and a huge knee as Warren attempts to clinch. Galvao eats a heavy right to the body as Warren comes forward once again. Galvao continues to stuff Warren in the clinch, very impressive. Galvao is dead tired now. Warren is attempting to dump Galvao, but Galvao's length is troubling. Galvao with another knee to Warren's granite chin. Wow.... another huge knee from Galvao. Warren is an absolute beast. He's eating knee after knee and eventually dumps Galvao with 0:30 seconds left. Warren isn't doing much, round easily goes to Marcos. scores it 10-9 Marcos Galvao.

Round 3: Warren comes out hard in the third, pressing the action instantly. Galvao counters and clips Warren a couple of times, but Warren doesn't seem to care. Warren charges forward, taking down Galvao. Galvao attempts to escape, but Warren keeps him down. Galvao regains his feet after threatening with a submission. Warren takes down Galvao as Galvao visibly holds the fence. He lets go as the referee warns him. Warren in top control now. Warren smothering Galvao in wrestling in this round, but can he finish? Three minutes pass, round ends. Warren smothers Galvao for the rest of the round from the top. scores it 10-9 Joe Warren, scoring the bouts 29-28 for Marcos Galvao.

Joe Warren def. Marcos Galvao via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Featherweight SemifinalsWilson Reis vs. Patricio Freire

Round 1: Reis begins the action with a heavy leg kick at the thirty second mark. Reis attempts to clinch, and Freire easily pushes him off. Back to center, Reis lands another solid leg kick. Freire looks unaffected. Reis presses the action, moving into the fence. Freire turns Reis into the fence. Nothing of significance from either fighter, eventually separating. They move back into the fence, but Reis has the advantage with underhooks. Freire impressively strongarms Reis into the fence. Reis battles back, getting himself off the fence. Some more scrambling, but they decide to separate. Big flurry along the fence with Freire throwing a kick and landing on Reis. Freire ties up Reis and takes him down after the initial flurry. Reis snaps back up but eats a knee to the midsection for his efforts. Back to center with thirty seconds left, Freire lands a left as Reis presses. Freire getting the better of the stand-up early. Reis continues to kick, but nothing significant landing. Freire lands another glancing left, and the round ends. scores it 10-9 Freire

Round 2: Freire comes out with a right body kick. Action is much more fierce early. Reis is having problems with Freire's accuracy in the stand-up game. Reis attempts a flying knee, misses, and eats a couple of counter blows. Reis attempts to kick at the legs, eating a one-two to the chin. Reis wades in too far, and Freire attempts a takedown. In the scramble, Reis gains top control and Freire closes his guard. Reis steps over guard, but Freire regains half guard from the position. Freire sits up along the fence and gains his feet. In the clinch, Reis is kneeing at Freire's thighs, attempting to take some steam out of his footwork. Reis explodes for a takedown, and Freire transitions to a guillotine choke. Reis is caught, but not well enough for Freire to throw up his guard to tighten it. Reis is on Freire like glue, maintaining the clinch and throwing knees to the legs. Freire turns Reis into the fence with one minute left. Jockeying for position along the fence as both men trade positions. Reis tries to power Freire down by lifting him into the air, but Freire evades. Freire comes forward, throws a huge knee that misses. Reis presses to the fence till the end of the round. scores it 10-10 Draw.

Round 3: Reis aggressive early with body kicks. Freire lands some short shots early, but Reis is chucking heavy kicks. Reis ties up and attempts to take this fight to the ground. Freire defends easily, and we're back to center. Freire lands a nice one-two followed with another combination that scores. Reis lands a glancing right, but eats a straight right and another big right. Reis is beginning to slow down a bit in the stand-up department, and Freire is countering effectively. Straight right by Freire, eats a right from Reis. More rights from Reis, and Reis is in big trouble. He eats a few more punches and wobbles. Reis gets back to his feet, and he gets absolutely destroyed by Freire. Unbelievable. Freire landed 6 or 7 unanswered bombs. Patricio Freire def. Wilson Reis via TKO at 3:29 of Round 3.

BantamweightZach Makovsky vs. Chad Robichaux

Round 1: Makovsky rushes forward early, and Robichaux attempts to latch on a guillotine choke. Makovsky gets to side control, but Robichaux is trapping Makovsky's arm and not allowing him to be active. The crowd grows tiresome of the stalemate. Makovsky explodes out and into Robichaux's guard. Makovsky now working from top control, lands a nice shot, but Robichaux gets back to his feet. Robichaux spins into a triple axle across the cage for some strange reason. Makovsky just backs up and avoids whatever crazy strike Robichaux was thinking of throwing. They clinch, and Makovsky presses to the fence, throws a solid knee to the midsection. Robichaux circles Makovsky into the fence, then separates to attempt a head kick. He misses. A minute and a a half left, Robichaux is coming forward, but he isn't landing anything consistent. Makovsky counters a rush with a mean left to the chin, then takes down Robichaux. Makovsky tries to set up a kimura, but Robichaux escapes to his feet. Makovsky works from the clinch, but he can't hold. Robichaux comes forward wildly, and gets taken down again. Makovsky passes guard and into side control. He holds it to the round's end. scores it 10-9 Makovsky.

Round 2: Robichaux comes out strong with kicks. Makovsky isn't taking any chances by leaning in, avoiding Robichaux's strikes. Robichaux again tries to press the action, and Makovsky dumps him easily, flying over Robichaux's legs and into side control immediately. Makovsky steps over into full mount and hammers Robichaux. Robichaux gives up his back, and Makovsky sinks in the rear naked choke. Makovsky can't maintain it. Robichaux escapes miraculously, and Makovsky moves back into side control. Makovsky regains his feet, holding Robichaux's legs, and moves back into side control. A scramble ensues with Makovsky once again getting the better positioning. He sinks in an arm triangle with 1:40 left in the round. Robichaux is attempting to escape.... and does. Robichaux springs back to his feet immediately, coming forwad wildly. Unfortunately, Makovsky is simply changing levels and dumping Robichaux easily. In half guard with thirty seconds left, Makovsky landing shots. Robichaux upkicks Makovsky, and the referee stops to warn Robichaux. They restart and the round ends. scores it 10-9 Makovsky.

Round 3: More of the same for Makovsky early. Robichaux comes forward hard, and Makovsky overpowers him and dumps him to the floor. Makovsky transitions to a full mount, takes Robichaux's back, and begins blasting away. Robichaux isn't attempting to escape, and Jason Herzog calls a stop to the contest. Zach Makovsky def. Chad Robichaux via TKO at 2:02: of Round 3.

Featherweight SemifinalsKenny Foster vs. Daniel Straus

Round 1: And we're live... outside. Who's dumb idea was this? It looks like a county fair event. Foster comes forward early with overhand lefts, lands, but Straus tangles Foster up against the cage to counter. Foster struggles to turn Straus into the fence, and Straus counters with a toss. Foster falls to the ground, bounces back to his feet, but gives his back up. Straus gets a hook in as Foster escapes. They separate. Foster rushes forward, misses a couple of overhand shots, and clinches with Straus along the fence. Straus lands a nice knee in the clash, and Foster attempts to uppercut his way out of the Thai plum. They separate again. Both men throwing power, Foster eventually landing and tying up Straus. Straus hip tosses Foster, but Foster regains his feet quickly. Back to center, Straus surprises Foster with a flying knee, clipping him. Straus immediately transitions to a takedown. Straus nearly has a full mount, but Foster is sitting up against the fence. Round ends in the position. scores it 10-9 Straus.

Round 2: After a minute of stagnant action, Foster moves forward to strike and Straus presses him to the fence. In the clinch, Straus puts pressure, but does nothing. Foster throwing hooks to counter, missing every chance so far. They separate, and Foster rushes forward with a nice body punch and straight punch attempt. Straus weaves out of the way of the strike, and they reset. Foster once again lands from distance, a straight left. Straus looked hurt, but he immediately tosses Foster over his back and lands in side control. Foster gets back to a sitting position against the fence with Straus trying to get a front choke in place. Foster eventually fights his way out of the position, but it took roughly two minutes. WIth seconds left in the round, Straus presses forward and dumps Foster. The round ends. scores it 10-9 Straus.

Round 3: Foster lands an outside leg kick to start the round. No action for roughly a minute, then Straus shoots. Foster defends and tries to slip a choke under Straus' neck. Straus backs out of it, and Foster attempts to jump on Straus. Straus scrambles away, and eventually dumps Foster to his back after a brief clinch battle. Straus continues to work from top control for the next couple of minutes. With 1:20 left, he attempts a D'Arce choke, then transitions to a guillotine. He's locked it in, and it's deep. Really deep, Foster finally taps. Daniel Straus def. Kenny Foster via submission (guillotine choke) at 3:48 of Round 3.

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