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Royce Gracie Expecting to Fight at UFC Rio

Translation via new BE Staffer Tom Mendes (formerly known as Orcus)

UFC legend Royce Gracie hasn't fought in the Octagon since losing to Matt Hughes at UFC 60 in what was then the biggest pay per view (PPV) in company history. Gracie was the first star of the UFC, winning the 8 man tournaments at UFC 1 and 4 and the 16 man tourny at UFC 2.

He went on to a second legendary run fighting Japanese superstars Kazushi Sakuraba and Hidehiko Yoshida in Japan's Pride organization. Rumors have been swirling that Gracie would fight at the UFC's first return to Brazil since the 1990s in August.

It sounds like Royce will be fighting at UFC Rio after all, from UOL Esportes comes the following quote from Royce:

"It would be the perfect place to do my last fight. I never fought in Rio de Janeiro and I couldn't be more psyched. We are negotiating [the fight deal], but we should have it finalized in two weeks. We only had an initial contact and I don't even have an opponent yet, but we should have that finalized soon" said the 44 year old Gracie.

He also touched on his weight:

 "My weight is the same as it was twenty years ago [80kg], I am still training, keeping the blade sharp. I follow a very strict diet. I never drank, never party, Carnaval, none of that... I'm ready to fight"

UFC Rio is expected to feature middleweight champion Anderson Silva defending his title against Yushin Okami.