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Matt Lindland's Reefer Madness: Former UFC Star Sued for Stealing Marijuana Plants

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Matt_lindland_medium_mediumMatt Lindland has quite a resume: Olympic silver medalist, long-time UFC contender, subject of a feature film documentary, co-leader of one of MMA's legendary fight camps, Republican nominee for State Representative...and now, accused marijuana thief. 

The Willamette (OR) Week has the story:

In a suit filed March 3 in Multnomah County Circuit Court, plaintiff Gonzalo Aldana Gamboa claims Lindland offered last year to let Gamboa grow pot under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program on Lindland's property in Eagle Creek.

According to the lawsuit, Gamboa registered the grow site with the state of Oregon and harvested six mature plants last October. Lindland helped load the plants into a U-Haul truck and told Gamboa he was moving them to his shed to dry, the lawsuit says. But when Gamboa returned a month later, Lindland would not allow him to collect his harvest, the lawsuit says.
The suit, filed by Portland lawyer William Macke, seeks $122,880 for the lost marijuana plants.

Gamboa's lawsuit is similar to a breach of contract claim filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court last December in which a grower is suing his business partner for $127,000 to cover his share in a medical-marijuana grow