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Cris "Cyborg" Santos Reportedly in Negotiations With WWE

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Cristiane Santos has not fought for 9 months and has nothing scheduled in the near future with Strikeforce, this despite being the current women's middleweight champion. It is now being reported that "Cyborg" may be in talks to take her act to the WWE. Tatame reported the news earlier:

Without fighting since June of 2010, Cyborg is getting tired of the lack of fights in the MMA organization, and this proposal would change her future in fighting – and get bigger paychecks. Two weeks ago, Cristiane and her husband, Strikeforce fighter Evangelista Santos, attended to a WWE event in California, and the managers of the event offered her a contract.

I heard from another source that talks are in the "advanced" stage and this could very well be going down. Of course, there is also a possibility that the Cyborg camp is using this for leverage with Strikeforce in an attempt to either get a raise or, at the very least, to get Strikeforce to schedule a fight for a dominant champion.

We'll be monitoring the situation closely and bringing any updates as they become available.